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GL702VS Card Reader Issues

I know the laptop has a Genesys Logic USB 3.0 Card Reader, but somehow, the device has just stopped showing up in the device manager. It was always something that kind of never really worked properly, but I used to have some luck with uninstalling th...

GL702vm Bios Password Recovery ?

'm trying to access my password system, but I tried to use the other guides available online but I can't get over it or set it up. I never put the password in the bios, it seems to me a very strange thingcan anyone tell me what to do to try to recove...

GL702ZC Fan boost Gaming Center

I have noticed the fans not updating to the adjustment of manually sliding the fan settings from any % of just doesnt do it until I restart or max it all the way out.Is there a way to see if it can be fixed?I do not see the fan to max as ac...

Cannot update BIOS on rog gl552vw laptop

I want to update to the latest version of the bios 300. I have tried the flash utility from Asus within Windows and in the bios using easy flash via usb stick and no luck. The Easy Flash utility just hangs on screen, no erasing, no updating nothin...

Undervolting help for my gl502vm

Hi,I have an ASUS ROG Gl502VM with i7 7700 hq and GTX 1060. It showed high temps while playing games like pubg upto 90C+. So i read on the forums that it was on of the persistent issues which requires undervolting so i decided to give it a try and oh...

ASUS ROG GL503VS ssd cable

Hello everybody,I was hoping to see if anyone would have info or be able to assist me with finding out the cable that I would need to connect an SSD to the mother board?I have tried to research to find the cable that would be needed and asus support ...

GL702 fan rattling

hi. have this problem with GPU. after finish game i get more rattling sound. with web browsing less soundi opened notebook, cleared funs, but not solved

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