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Samsung NVME/M2 SSDs get hot. It is known. check your temps!

Hi,atleast GL703 series laptop's have very limited space and no air flow for the NVME ssd slot.This is the reason they sometimes exceed temperatures over 80 celcius and may cause throttling.nvme heatsink dropped my temps from 82c -> 70c. (samsung rep...

Tor_Spo by Level 8
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Asus ROG strix scar II bluetooth problem

Hello everyone.I am owner of asus rog strix scar 2 GL504GW. I just bought this laptop few days ago.I have a problem with bluetooth connection. My phone unable to connect via bluetooth to the laptop but able to send and receive file.I already sent my ...

GL704GW Windows 10 Reset Question

Hi,I'm having some problems with Windows after running the Windows 10 Debloater script ( The Microsoft Store is now unusable. The fix suggested there to restore it with the LTSB Add Microsoft Store script...

ripsa by Level 7
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eSupport folder for Asus GL502VMK

Hi every body!Can you share esupport folder for my Asus GL502VMK.Thanks!I has just reinstall new windows 10 . i want reinstall all driver for my laptop.i dowloaded driver from Asus but it work not perfect.

My GL703GM Laptop keeps crashing!

Over a year ago I bought a brand new GL703GM Laptop, it has held up well but it constantly crashes when I leave it on overnight to download files. I don't understand why. I have the fans set to over-boost so it isn't a thermal issue. I can play high ...

GL502VSK Minidisplay port to displayport no signal problem!!!!

Hello!I am really annoying with my new laptop because I have many problems with the Mini DisplayPort to display port.Sometimes I want to use my external monitor (aoc g2460pqu) with my laptop but it doesnt recognized the external display. I have to co...

Juliohar by Level 7
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GL553V - Does not boot

Hi,I have a laptop that won't boot at all.I get the Asus logo and "post-bios" and when the pc is supposed to boot into windows it simply shuts down.I have also tried to boot via USB to make a fresh innstall, but all i get is a BSOD: SYSTEM PTE MISUSE...

Daerion by Level 7
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GL504W - Fans constantly at super high speed on GPU

Hi there.Asus ROG Strix Scar ii GL504WIts been a couple of weeks now and the GPU fan is constantly running at above 4500RPM all the way up to 6200RPM.It is doing my head in because I can't use the laptop anywhere, its simply too loud.The fan speed ra...

Moz-LJP by Level 7
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