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[GL553VD] Problem with GPU

Hi , got a problem with my Notebook. since december i started getting Blue screen (error power_driver_state_failure) so i decided to unistall both Nvidia GPU & Intel graphics Driver via DDU and reinstall the drivers on the Asus support. everything ok...

lfcamara by Level 7
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GL703GM Utilizing car charging?

I have a GL703GM. Im a truck driver and im trying to find a way of keeping my laptop charged in my truck. Previously I had inverters that were hooked to the battery. I switched company’s and they have no such inverter. I purchased a 400W inverter, bu...

GL553ve mobo removal

Hi all,please can you advise how to remove the display cable as per image (centre) does the latch need to be lifted or just pull the connecteor away from the socket?regards

GL702ZC Undervolting and BIOS update.

Hello! As in the title of the post, I would like to possibly undervolt the CPU of my GL702ZC in order to make it less power hungry and give the cooling a bit more headroom. Is it even possible? If it is, are the gains noticeable (Less overheating, be...

GL704GW underperforming with Destiny 2, plz help!

So I used to own a gl702vm, which had 16gb of ram, a gtx 1060 6gb, and a i7-6700HQ processor. At the time of purchase, it was a pretty beefy laptop that had its issues with thermal throttling, but nonetheless, I updated the BIOS, made holes on the b...

SaiST by Level 7
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ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 2 GL504GM delivering low frames

Hello! I've recently bought an Rog Scar 2 (GLM504GM) gaming laptop and i'm experiencing what I feel is a bit vague performance levels.As some of you may know this laptop has an excellent screen with 144hz/3ms ratings. I've tried playing some games li...

GL703GS Audio enhancements not working anymore? solved?

GL703GS here.Since this PM (20-Mar-2019) ASUS Sonic Studio III lost control over audio output: EQ, Reverb and other enhancements do not work anymore.I've seen Windows 10 got an automatic Realtek update, so maybe this corrupted something?Already tried...

hexaae by Level 12
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Asus GL502VM Overheating & Fix questions.

Hey all,I just bought my Asus ROG GL502VM, 7700HQ + GTX 1060 laptop, and the first thing I noticed was the excessive heat blown outta the air vent while I gamed for about 30min. Also, the surface of the laptop, slight above the keyboard where the cpu...

Izuizu by Level 7
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