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GL504GV Gaming issues

Hey guys, recently I bought new laptop Strix scar 2 (GL504GV)And the problem is whenever I start The game it opens but as soon as you try to enter in it , it suddenly goes back to dekstop and one thing I noticed that it opens game when my not chargin...

need help with my asus gl553vd

hi guys/girls need help with my asusgl553vd it keeps flickering and idk what to do and idk how to explain it but ill put a screenshot and ill send a link to the video to show you its on my youtube. i dont know what to do or how this is

ROG GL502VS-DS71 automatic EZ flash bricked laptop help

Hi all. 2 days ago I turned my laptop on, all I did was push power them walk away. When I came back it had went right in to ezflash and was trying to do something but it all locked up.I'm working away from home and I didn't have any bios files loaded...

niro750 by Level 7
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Asus RoG GL703GE Battery Charging Issues

Hello,My girlfriend recently purchased a GL703GE. For the past month or so, the battery does not charge above 31%. If she discharges the battery completely, it will charge to 84% or so, but that seems to be largely illusionary as the battery will s...

ah1cm by Level 7
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Asus rog gl551 bios problem

Hi everyoneI have problem with my laptop gl551 I was formating the laptop "as usual " after finsh formating ,enter the bios to change boot ordermy little brother I think he pres some thing .so I save and restart ..laptop is onlight indicator is onfan...

Mrbrain by Level 7
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