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GL502VSK Bricked BIOS Update

Hi All Looking for some help with a failed BIOS update on a GL502VSK. It looks like a BIOS update was pushed out through Windows Update and the update started to run when I rebooted the machine, which is strange in itself as it caught me unaware duri...

GL702VS No post/bios/boot after windows update

So i recently had a windows update, the last thing I did was Update and shutdown. Upon starting it up again it was in a BIOS flash screen, then shutdown. Now it will not do anything. Power comes on and that its, no HDD, no ROG splash, no BIOS, no Pos...

Shadura by Level 7
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What exact does undervolting do?

Hi there. I know, that undervolting decreases voltage of CPU/GPU. But I want to know, how exactly does it do....IMHO it works like this:I have a CPU with default voltage set to 1.2V, but it uses max 1.1V. under load.So it means 1.2V is led into my CP...

JohnyW by Level 7
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ASUS GL703 froze during BIOS upgrade

Hi, I've got a serious problem with my ASUS GL703GE. Today I turn it on and it automatically starts to upgrade BIOS from ver. 310 to 316 using EZ Flash 3. It shows a message: "BIOS upgrade is processing. Don't turn off your computer". I'm waiting abo...

Paskuda by Level 7
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Random freezes

Hello everyone, sorry for posting on this guys thread, hence i am a new member can't open a new thread, I got an ASUS ROG STRIX GL703GS-E5011T , for about 4-5 months already now, but i don't know why, my laptop, regardless of what i'm doing, gaming,...

[GL504GW] Ubuntu temperature

Hi everyone. I'm using Windows 10 for gaming and other tasks, and everything it's fine with the temperatures and the fans.However, when I'm using Ubuntu 19.04, fans just stay at low speed and my laptop gets really hot in no time.Anyone got any idea?T...

Weizen by Level 7
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GL703GM - The Caps Lock and the Power Buttons has no light

My motherboard of my GL703GM has been changed in the warranty for two times.After purchasing t 3 months the motherboard has beed dead.The new motherboard has been changed but the battery not charging and with the AC Power connected has FRAMES DROPS i...

GeoBRB by Level 10
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Functions Key Linux GL753VD

Hello,just got a new GL753 with Endless OS pre-installed.But wanted to have xubuntu 16.04 on it.After installation functions key do not work except fn+f8 fn+f10-12.So I want to know if there are special settings on Endless OS because there all fun...

hugo13 by Level 7
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