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Sound problem for ASUS ROG GL504GM

Hello, My laptop, ASUS ROG GL504GM i7-8750H 4.10 GHz, Coffee Lake, 15.6", Full HD, 144Hz, 3ms, 16GB, 1TB SSHD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, Windows 10, got a sound problem. The volume changes without me doing anything, from high to low, it comes bac...


Hi,Please check your bios and OS for CPU/GPU RPM, if it's a crazy number like 7000? or -34550 or what ever!then your problem is in THE HARDWARE the connector on the motherboard is very fragile and it has 4 PINS, very gentle pins inside it. those pins...

Tor_Spo by Level 8
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GL702ZC FPS drop at online games

Hi everyone.I started a thread a couple days ago beacuse I suffered FPS drops in games, like WoW, and Fortnite, but I didn't tried to play offline games. Well, now i did, and realised, I just get these FPS drops when I play online games.For example, ...

Beeros by Level 7
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ROG Gl703GS-DS74 Fan Problem

I've been having a problem with the fans for a while now. The fans do not function properly under medium to heavy tasks even at overboost mode. I have to run my games and applications at minimal settings despite having a GTX1070 because of the temps....

efgotis by Level 7
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GL704GV getting hot

I was playing borderlands 2 on turbo mode and idk why my cpu temps were in the 90s. I haven't modified the laptop in any way is it normal to have cpu temps in the 90s like this?

Angada by Level 7
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gl503vs scar edition - ROG GameVisual not working

hi, it seems that the Game visual profiles is there (in ROG Gaming Center) but once i try to switch between modes (FPS,sRGB,Cinema, etc...) nothing happens. running on windows 10 updated to the latest updates. can somebody confirm that the game Visua...

xsaumx by Level 7
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Asus gl504gm backlitproblem

Hi,I am having problem with Asus gl504gm backlit, the fn + arrows buttons up and down does not work. first of all when I bought it worked fine, all was ok. problems was fans, always went mad, warranty service changed cooling modul since it was defect...