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G731 Worn keys

Hello all,Within 7 months from buying the Rog Strix G731, the Shift, C, left CTRL and ALT keys are worn out.The keys work fine but the symbol and the black matte finish have been erased.Is this covered in the warranty? Where can I find replacement ke...

Asus G531GT Undervolting Lock

I am currently using the Asus G531GT with Gen9 i5.The last BIOS update (to 307) locked the ability to undervolt the machine.It has been sometime and I can see for some other models of laptops and motherboards they are slowly at least getting the abil...

G731GU Memory Speed...really?

I recently downloaded CPU-Z to benchmark my processor and was shocked to learn that my RAM was only operating at 2666 MHz despite having an OEM speed of 3200 MHz. I thought I could maybe solve the issue by going into the BIOS, but I was greeted by a ...

Dave94 by Level 7
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GL504GM left fan rattle at low RPM

It seems that's a wide consensus that GL504GM fans are 'always on'My case is a bit different and specifically to the left fan which appears to do a little rattle at Low RPM or when idle *(a bit like what i describe as an Helicopter sound).Curiously, ...

Wes7609 by Level 7
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Aura Creator not recognizing G731GW's edges.

I have this laptop since January this year. It was to RMA center 2 weeks after purchase (mobo replacement due to faulty sensor) and ever since Aura Creator has never recognized the LED edges. They're working properly, as they're lit when using standa...

What RAM for ROG GL553VE?

Hi guys I would like to upgrade RAM on my ROG GL553VE.All auto-configurators I tried (such as Crucial) recommends DDR4-2666 SODIMMBut since processor is Kaby Lake i7 7700HQ, I believe the limitation is set to DDR4-2400 SODIMM, right?So any higher fre...

Yoozer by Level 7
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Downgrading GL503 BIOS version

Has anyone tried downgrading the BIOS version of their laptop to the previous version when undervolting was available?If yes, how did you do it and can you brick your laptop?I tried using this laptop like this for several months now since the last bi...

GL702vm Major touchpad Issue

I have a GL702vm PC with a major touchpad issue. It started off with the right click not working after every restart, but I fixed that problem. My new problem is two finger scrolling on my PC. Sometimes when I try to scroll on the touchpad, it does r...

WolfN by Level 7
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GL504GM Fan Issue

Hello all, I tried to game it up tonight, to ya know, relax after a long day, and after booting up COD warzone, I got into the game, and noticed that my FPS was very low and the game was totally unplayable. I felt the laptop and it was extremely warm...