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GL504GV hero ll spacebar issue

Hallo,I notised during this weekend the spacebar is no longer lighted by leds. The rest of the buttons are lighted And dimmable.Anyone know a solition or having the same problem?*Ist the GL504GV-ES002T model

ASUS ROG GL504GM Spacebar Backlight Dead

Hi, new to the forum here. Spacebar BACKLIGHTING was working last night, and I turned my laptop on today and noticed it not turning on at all; every other key seems to be working fine. I don't know if its hardware but I'm hoping it's a software issue...

Asus GL503VM Bios admin password problem

Hello friends! So recently i bought GL503VM already used. I used it for few days then i wanted to go into bios, and i saw that bios is set with admin password, which i have no clue. So now i can only go into bios as USER, and in that way i cannot cha...

GL702 fan replace

GL702VMKmy GPU fan rattling, i want replace it model fan : dfs551205mlotwhich one buy?

karb10 by Level 7
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GL503VM make some serious fan noise

hello all. first, sry about my english.the last week my Rog laptop started to annoyng with some crazy fan noise, i cant work with it, its really noisy.what can i do? i dont play, just chrome opened. i dont have apps work on, nothing!

GL502VS Bricked via Windows 10 Bios 306 update

My laptop took a VERY unexpected bios update via windows 10 update last night. *First question... WHY?!?! Why would you EVER push a BIOS update this way?*I wasn't able to jump on it fast enough to cancel it. After the update the system rebooted and p...

Ozy311 by Level 7
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ASUS ROG GL552VW sudden lagging

I bought this laptop 2.5 years ago. Usually, my laptop is normally working when I used for gaming. It's always lag when I unplugged, but working normally when plugged. Suddenly, my laptop's performance slowing down. I dont even touch any setting befo...