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Asus ROG STRIX SCAR 15 Undervolting

Hello, i have a one question.Tell me why in BIOS I can only lower the direction by -80 when you remove this limitation?Other vendors like MSI, DELL have done it, and you are currently limiting the capabilities of your users.

GL552VW-DH71 What drive for M.2 Slot?

It seems this has been beat to death in the forums for the 752 models, but I have not seen much for the 552. I bought a GL552VW-DH71 and a Samsung 950 pro 512 drive. Could not get them to work together. ASUS support says NVMe is not supported. I have...

_Speedy by Level 7
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GL702VT CPU Cooler

The CPU cooler on this laptop is sounding quite unhappy. Temps are still fine but I'd like to be prepared for when it dies. I'm assuming the bearings are going.Are the CPU coolers the same on this as the GL702 GL702VM S7VM GL702VMK GL702VML models?

Terrible Thermals on G512LV

I can see from other threads that i am not alone in this issue, but i am experiencing some pretty awful thermal performance and throttling with my laptop which is barely 6 months old, but has performed this way from pretty much day 1.At idle with a m...

2020 Strix G15 Laptop (G512LW-ES76) 95C after 10 minutes?

Hey all,So i've had different support tech people from Asus tell me different things. According to the Armoury Crate software my CPU hits 95 degrees after about 10 minutes in turbo mode playing a game. Several support people told me that was a proble...

c0ntr0l by Level 7
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GL552VW-DH71 M.2 SSD Issues (Shocker, right?) - [Solved]

So the last week I spent reading and searching on what kind of M.2 drive is compatible with my GL552VW-DH71. I originally ordered a SATA compatible Samsung 860 EVO 500GB but I opened up the maintenance panel and my port was clearly a PCIe/NVME. So I ...

GL504GW ROG Lid Logo Led Flickering / White is Yellow

I recently noticed that the ROG logo on the lid is flickering/flashing sometimes and it is really noticeable when you have a static color such as red. Also I tried changing the color to white and I noticed it's more yellow than white compared to the ...

GL504GM FAN at max speed 24/7

Hi,I am currently working on a GL504GM.Left fan is at 7000 RPM no matter what. This is max speed. Even when the CPU is at 35°C and CPU usage is at 2% the fan is at full blast 24/7.I've tried:1. Reinstalling Nvidia Drivers. Newest, rollbacks to old v...