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GL504GS Power & Voltage throttle

Hello everyone, recently i purchased a used GL504GS, and when i open any gpu heavy games like Overwatch, Pubg, Fortnite, i get constant throttle every 2 seconds, when this throttle happens i notice that the screen gets dimmed, i then alt tabbed and n...

Antraxx by Level 7
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Gl702vs gtx 107 micron memory issues

Can anyone tell me how to fix the micron memory issues with this laptop? I can flash it with another asus vbios or something but Im not sure what Bios to use. Damn thing keeps crashing.

GL703GM panel upgrade, is it possible?

Hi,Please reply only if you KNOW.Is is possible to upgrade this laptops panel (120hz 3ms)for example 144hz ips panel, or is there something that prevents the upgrade.or maybe even 240hz panel.please don't post any comments like (why would you do that...

GL753VE System fan stuck at idle

I'm having a strange problem with my laptop (GL753VE) where the system fan will not spin up past idle if the CPU temperature starts climbing. I can run Prime95 and make the laptop very warm (high 80's C) but the fan will not spin up. In the Gaming Ce...

tgp1994 by Level 8
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[GL553VD] Windows 8.1 Touchpad Driver for ELAN1200

Hi,I am writing to request for Touchpad driver for Asus GL553VD with ELAN1200 touchpad.I am able to run Windows 8.1 with almost all drivers installed, but now only left touchpad gesture that is not working.Clicking and moving the mouse pointer works....

guyz92 by Level 7
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Asus ROG GL504GS SCAR Edition Battery Time/Life

Hello,I'm worries about my asus laptop which I purchased few weeks back. I choose this laptop after comparing with lot others and watching lots of reviews.I personally like Dave Lee because he does really great reviews and he also liked this laptop. ...

Need help with GL703GM blue screens

My GL703GM keeps getting blue screens for some reason and I haven't downloaded that much things. Except for roblox, roblox studio, and aura sync. And I have an acer mouse. This was the first gaming computer I brought and it keeps having this problem...

Veggim by Level 7
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