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Asus Rog strix g531 left fan rattling issue

recently i encountered this problem, my laptops started make weird rattling noise, while the fan between 2500-3500 rpm it makes annoying sound. i've been looking for any solution on the web but i couldn't find anything.

Asus rog strix GL503vm fan replacement

Hi!recently one of the internal fans of my laptop (a rog strix GL503VM with 128gb SSD and 1tera HDD) started making obnoxious, bad noise, first just every now and then, then in a continous way. I had trouble opening the laptop to check due to a scre...

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Problem with the fans on a G531GW Hero III

The fans on my laptop are running for about 10 to 20 seconds and then they stop for about 10 to 30 seconds and then they run again for another 10 to 20 seconds and this process repeats, why is this happening?

Another Briked G75

I know there's a lot of post about bricked notebooks who update their BIOS. I'm here just to ask some questions and cry a little. First, my note is stucked in the black screen, but the backlight of keyboard is responsive to Ctrl+Home function, the li...

Jihilian by Level 7
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Strix G713 QM Ryzen+RTX video driver issues

Whats the proper procedure to update the Nvidia video driver? After running DDU in safe mode [had to decrypt bitlocker first] and reinstalling latest Nvidia driver all my Vulkan games refused to launch. After a long struggle I uninstalled theAMD dri...

Strix G713 USB C hub for gsync output

I only get Gsync using the USB C port. Problem is I need the USB C port for a card reader and extra USB A ports. Without going and trying a bunch of hubs is there one that will work for me?

G733 315 BIOS Changelog?

Hi guys, does Asus provide us any info or tweaks when it comes to BIOS updates?Has anyone noticed any changes from 313?

FluxX17 by Level 7
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G733QS Ram speed after upgrade

HiI bought new ram sticks, Gskills 3000Mhz, CL 16 (F4-3000C16D-32GRS) and after installation of them, the ram clock stuck on 2667Mhz with CL 19. I search if there is any possibility to overclock them in bios, but it seems that option is hidden in men...

czmoku by Level 7
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