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GL502VMK Freezes whenever I restart system.

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing fine. I don't know what happened to my laptop but I'm damn tensed. I saved so much of my pocket money for years to afford this laptop and I take care of it more than any other thing I own. I've this laptop for ab...

GL702VM won't boot with 860 QVO SSD in in the HDD slot

Hello all. I thought I would upgrade the HDD in the secondary bay of my GL702VM before It dies. Picked up a Samsung 860 QVO, cloned the internal DATA drive to the SSD with Macrium Reflect, replaced it, and the machine won't POST, just gets stuck on A...

GL704G - Where can I buy replacement keys?

One of my keys has a broken latch and keeps coming off. Thankfully (and strangely) it is not a key I use often, if at all. I searched online (web, amazon, ebay) but I couldn't find replacement keys for my laptop. Anyone has a clue? Thank you.

Pretzel by Level 7
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ROG GL703GE Fan Speed Goes Crazy

Hi I have problem since first day i bought laptop...When i boot and log into Windows 10 my fans go crazy... they are constantly like in overboost mode and they are so loud... I uploaded BIOS i reset everything to default value, i installed hotkeys an...

What RAM to upgrade? ASUS ROG SCAR II GL704W

Hey all, I am looking forward getting my laptop, however I was informed it will onyl have 1x16gb 2666mhz stick module (unknown other info). I would like to know what is the best way to upgrade the ram to dual channel?Should I get 1x16gb module with m...

PeterX7 by Level 7
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Strix GL703 GE Fan Problem (Almost Fixed!)

I had this model for 2 months now. I had the fan problem shared in this forum many times. The GPU fan always works full speed even when the laptop is idle!What I do is using "Furmark ROG Edition x64" just when I start the laptop and use GPU stress te...

About fan for GL 503 VM

Regarding the GL 503VM, cause by the fan. But I dont no whether can diassembly the old fan and replace the new one. I do need some suggestions, method and diassembly video from YOUTUBE

cey8923 by Level 7
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