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GL704GM WiFi error 10 code

Hello, I'm just looking to see if any one has had luck in resolving the code 10 error on the intel AC 9560 wifi chip. I have taken the following steps to try and resolve the issue with no luck1. Update drivers2. uninstall and reinstall drivers3. remo...

GL504GS Ripple or Reactive effects for keyboard

Hey there,I was wondering if there is any way to select ripple or reactive effects for GL504GS (rog strix scar 2). I saw this effect on twitch and is really cool to light up a key when pressed.I'll be glad to know a solution even if the effect is not...

GL752VW Randomly Waking Up from Sleep

Hey Guys,I've been having an issues for weeks now with my laptop. For some reason, it has been randomly waking itself up from sleep. I have gone through the rounds, checking powercfg/lastwake, event viewer, looking at the power profile, etc, and I c...

x10guy by Level 7
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ROG GL702VS crashing

I bought a windows 10 laptop a year ago, everything worked fine for it for the most part. Then one day something went wrong and it blue screened. I've had multiple bluescreen issues. Such as memory_management issue, ntsf.sys has failed, corrupted fau...

GL504GM fan

so last couple of days a lot of people have been getting problems with their cooling fans, yesterday i thought it was fixed because i used the Asus Gaming Center and today the fan is uncontrolable again even when using the app. fans are running at 65...

ockie by Level 7
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Fan overboost stuck on one setting

My ROG GL703GE has been working fine until recently when it suddenly started keeping the fan overboost on "overboost" and I can't change it to neither silent nor balanced. The result is basically that the fan is going nuts even if I'm not doing anyth...

BlazeH by Level 7
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Laptop Repair Estimates

I was wondering if anyone has sent their laptop for repair after the warranty. Asus support can't directly tell me until I send it to them but I want to know if it is worth it. I have a gl702vmk laptop and issue is gpu/motherboard. It still turns on ...

Gl553vd ssd ssd/odd screw

Hi everyone, i just bought a ssd m.2 for my asus rog strix gl553vd but i noticed it has not got the screw to fit the memory, can you help me? Where can i get it? What are the screw measures? Thanks in advance

MatiJ by Level 7
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GL553VE Bios update freezed

I tried updating my bios version from 307 to 308 in model GL553VE. I tried doing it with EZ Flash 3 utility in bios menu. The bios update froze as soon as the progress bar reached the last point. Now It's been 30 minutes approx but nothing happened. ...