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G531GU issues

I have a G531GU laptop and in the spam of 9 months, it already had 2 major issues, with the second one happening today itself. *The first issue happened after about 3 months of purchasing and the motherboard had some issue. Now again it is suspected ...

Help with GL502VS need SSD help to work

Can BIOS 3.0.9 for GL502VSK be used for GL502VSHad the a BIOS 3.02 jumped to 3.0.2 for GL502VS, now not able to us a Crucial MX500 in it.I bought the GL502VS in Nov 2016, ran a Crucial MX300 then a MX500 in 2017. The update has since caused no use ...

ASUS Strix G531GT - SSD keeps disappearing after a shutdown

I am having a strange problem, which started recently. I have an ASUS STRIX G G531GT Gaming Laptop, recently I have upgraded my second HDD from a Seagate SSHD to Samsung SSD 870 QVO.Now my problem, the SSD keeps disappearing after booting from a shut...

Asus strix scar g733qs bios 3.17

A new bios version has just arrived with Windows Update. Nowhere can I find any information about what has been fixed. Unfortunately, the RAM SPD info is still not available, although I was hoping that it would be good in the new version. Otherwise e...

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G732LWS frame drop (CPU frequency drops to 801 Mhz) - solved

Hi,I have a Scar Strix G732LWS and I get frame drops while playing (more evident with Assassins Creed Odyssey). Examining with MSI Afterburner while I play, I've found out the CPU drops to 801 mhz from its normal speed when it is near 100°C. Since I ...


rog strix scar iii air vents

Hello.I havE STRIX SCAR III.I attach the shot that i am take form my computer.Two slits at left and right (near microphone port and the other near keystone) are the air vents?

nikolo by Level 7
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Rog Scar 3 G731GV new Bios 309

Hi All.So I see there is a new Bios out, version 309.However the download site does not offer any information on what it does or what has changed.All I see is Improve System Stability, but what does that mean exactly.Anyone got any insight here?Thank...

SciGhost by Level 10
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Battery Health Charging

Hello, In the MyAsus application, I know each help battery performance, but the question regarding each option, Will it reduce performance if I am gaming? if I use maximum lifespan mode, I imagine it receives less voltage to stay in 60%. Does it make...

[solved] GL504GW panel overdrive is disable

Hi,I am not able to enable Panel Overdrive in Armoury CrateIn profile is enable but on home Page is always disabled, I was even trying to enable it from mobile app but without any success. Any suggestions? Asus Strix Scar II with RTX 2070I Was trying...

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