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GL504GS battery life time

Hi, Now my third year is running on my laptop and overnight the battery is over. The adia analysis program found 97% wear.Has it been the case that, without any kind of precedent, the battery was ruined from one moment to the next?By default, does an...

GL551JW-DS71 mini msata SSD

Hello,I have a Gl551jw-ds71 laptop that came with a 1TB HDD. I'd like to keep that drive and add an msata ssd to itIs it possible?If so how? I can see a connector from the HDD RAM compartment

Big_H1 by Level 7
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GL504GW Asus FRQ Control v1.1.2

Hi, can someone please share the link to download the latest asus_frq_control v1.1.2, I can't find it anywhere, and its not showing up in MyAsus app.Thanks in advance

G731GW-DB74 VirtualDrive.vhdx ?

hi,2-3 weeks ago i bought G731GW-DB74 (Strix Hero III) with 512 SSD and in C:\ProgramData\ASUS\ there is a folder with this name: (Virtualdrive) and it's have 219.7GB but when i look inside i can't see anything, what is inside and can I delete it ?Th...

Asus ROG STRIX SCAR 15 Undervolting

Hello, i have a one question.Tell me why in BIOS I can only lower the direction by -80 when you remove this limitation?Other vendors like MSI, DELL have done it, and you are currently limiting the capabilities of your users.

GL552VW-DH71 What drive for M.2 Slot?

It seems this has been beat to death in the forums for the 752 models, but I have not seen much for the 552. I bought a GL552VW-DH71 and a Samsung 950 pro 512 drive. Could not get them to work together. ASUS support says NVMe is not supported. I have...

_Speedy by Level 7
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GL702VT CPU Cooler

The CPU cooler on this laptop is sounding quite unhappy. Temps are still fine but I'd like to be prepared for when it dies. I'm assuming the bearings are going.Are the CPU coolers the same on this as the GL702 GL702VM S7VM GL702VMK GL702VML models?