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GL503VD Keyboard issue

Hi Everyone, new guy here.I have a problem with my GL503VD Keyboard. At random times the keyboard just stops working, I can use the touchpad or mouse if I have one connected.If I keep typing on the keyboard nothing shows up on the screen, the only 2 ...

Igniz99 by Level 7
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Asus strix G733QS Keyboard stop working on sun light

Hi everyoneI have some funny issue with my laptop. I change the position of my laptop some time ago and today, second time, my keyboard stop working. First time, i dissassemble laptop and clean the connector for keyboard and that "fix" issue. Today i...

czmoku by Level 7
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GL504GM huge framedrops - GPU usage spiking out of nowhere

I've seen multiple people mentioning the extact issue as i'm encountering myself.So about a week ago, i started recieving these crazy "stutters", that make any somewhat GPU intensive game completely unplayable.The GPU usage would randomly spike from ...

Gl504gm bios 312 issue with undervolt

Hi allBios updated to 312 now the undervolt option in intel XTU is now grayed out. Throttlestop will not apply settings either.How come this has been stopped ? How can I flash back to previous bios ?Thanks

Thermopads or other cooling - M.2 SSD - GL553VD

HiI installed new M.2 NVMe SSD recently and it's temperature while gaming is higher than 50°C, but still lower than 70°C which is the manufacturer limit (measurements made with samsung magician). I would like to know if someone has in one's laptop th...

Scar 15 (G532LW) Not waking after going to sleep

Hi all,Laptop doesn't wakes up from sleep mode on pressing keys or touchpads and on clicking power button shuts downHi,My laptop doesn't wakes up from sleep after 1 hour or so. Even if I click on my touchpad or press keys on my keyboard. The light on...

GL504GS keyboard problems

Hello guys, The keys " A, Q, TAB, 1, ` " are not working as they should be, they only work when I press one of them together with another key or if I press another key really quick after the faulty one.I tried to uninstall the keybord drivers but not...

ChiTM by Level 7
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