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Asus ROG Strix g713q-mhx132t - how to Raid 0

Hi,Do you have step by step guide on how to do this?I have 2 piece of 1tb each NVME.I have done on the bios to create array of 1 array Raid 0, and managed to show 2 tb for the raid.When i fresh installed the windows from my bootable usb from Microsof...

GL504GW Audio Out of Sync

Another software issue on this device. Now Realtek audio driver version (the only one provided by Asus at it's website and the only one that works) it's causing audio to go out of sync on every video playback after a few minutes.Already re...

G531GW Interference noise with any earbuds

Hello everyone,I have a new ROG ASUS Notebook Rog Strix G531GW Monitor 15.6", from only like 6-7 months.I always had this problem with any earbuds that i have to connect with audio jack on the notebook: i hear this Interference noise that is very ann...

Two-way ai noise cancelation cannot be used on g713qr.

I use G713QR.Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation is enabled, and the playback device is changed, but it is immediately restored to the default device.I tried various methods to solve the problem, but it didn't work.(Follow FAQ, reinstall armoury crate, form...

dev2 by Level 7
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GL704 Scar II Aura Sync LED Keyboard/Aura Problems

HiI have a ROG Strix Scar II GL704GW. Recently it's developled problems with the LED keyboard switching off (i.e. going dark) and not showing up in Armoury Crate as an Aura compatible device. This seems to occur after booting up into Windows, as it i...

ripsa by Level 7
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Motherboard swap between Asus GL702VM and GL702VSK?

Hi there,So recently I blow up my Asus GL702VM motherboard while I was changing the battery thanks to that little metal clip which holds the battery plug. So I was wondering whether I can swap the gl702vm with gl702vsk motherboard(i7-7700hq,1070)? Be...

ROG Strix SCAR G733QM Backlight Bleeding

Hi,I recently got my G733QM and after a pixel test I noticed on a dark background a smaller lighter spot in the top left corner and in the top middle part.After google what it is, I learned its called backlight bleeding.My question is now, if this is...

Wuschu1 by Level 7
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Help!!! G531GW Network Adapter Code 10

Hi, I encountered an issue and keeps persisting.My G531GW laptop network adapter keeps having error of Code 10 and does not allow my machine to use WiFi. I have reinstalled old drivers for the network adapter but still no luck and still having code 1...

JonTeoh by Level 7
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