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GL702VM actual upgrade options

Hello, I have a GL702VM.I want to make improvements that I can make to get better performance from my computer. Are there any suggestions on this subject? Feedbacks for video card, driver, ssd, all are useful. Thanks.

memreg by Level 7
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GL504GW BIOS 305 unstable software (308 could fix?)

I remained to this bios version due to undervolting enabled, but my system were never stable under this version (only 1 driver version works for wi fi and audio, my battery stops charging if i unplug the charger 2 times in a row, etc).There's v308 al...

High-End notebook(GL704GW-EV022) with Low FPS in games

Helo!I have a new notebook, a GL704GW-EV022, it has 2070, I7-8750h, 16GB ram, and 512GB SSD. I have installed the newest drivers, for the best performance(All drivers for this notebook, plus the NVIDIA GPU driver). And the windows updates are also up...

GL753VE Type-C charging

My laptop is ROG Strix GL753VE.I lost my AC Adapter yesterday.I worked last night and my laptop has less than 10% battery.Today, I plug my phone charger (65W 10V-6.5A) to usb-c port, it boots up for 5s and shuts down. Now i can't turn it on.Do I need...

Minh_Le by Level 7
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ROG Strix G G531GU-AL012T SATA Cable

I bought my laptop nearly 2 years ago. And I bought a few weeks ago 1TB SATA SSD. When I open my laptop for montaging the SSD, I did not see the SATA cable. Apparently, my laptop did not come with a SATA cable. So, I need a SATA cable for my laptop. ...

yagiz by Level 7
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Strix GL503 - dedicated GPU for external monitor?

Hello,I bought a monitor capable of 4K otput @ 60FPS via HDMI for my laptop (Strix GL503, it has a GTX 1050 which should be capable for that - note that I do not intend to game on this thing, just office productivity work) but the best I can get is 4...

GL552VW How to adjust contrast

Hi. I was trying to calibrate my screen appearance for this machine, but when I arrived at the contrast calibration, it says to adjust it using the contrast control on your display. The problem is I can't find where it is. The Fn key only allows you ...

G513QY Drivers and Path

Hello, What is the Win 10 Driver install path/location supposed to be for a driver executable?Also what are these drivers? Hardware IDs:1. PCI Encryption/Decription ControllerPCI\VEN_1022&DEV_15DF&SUBSYS_16C21043&REV_00PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_15DF&SUBSYS_...

Oblaci by Level 7
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