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Does this series have an Intel GPU as well as a NVIDIA?

They are advertised as having a NVIDIA GPU, but does this series of laptops also have an Intel GPU built in like most laptops do? In my experience, they usually have a more powerful NVIDIA GPU which uses allot of battery power, but also they have a d...

SCAR 16 G634JZ BSOD when entering BIOS

I bought my scar 16 a few days ago and I have been really satisfied with it, except for one detail. I am unable to enter bios. At first I was able to enter bios and I left all settings on default. But later in MyASUS app, my bios got updated to versi...

My laptop (rog strix g15 G513R) not charging

I was using the computer and then I put it down after a while. I just closed it without putting it to sleep or anything since I programmed the computer to have no reaction when I closed it. I left it like that for hours then came back to charge it in...

d1anna by Level 7
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Massive slowdown issue with new Strix Scar 16 2024

I just got a Strix Scar 16 laptop a couple months ago and found this one weird and incredibly frustrating issue. The laptop randomly seems to become unbearably slow for no apparent reason. One day it's totally fine and working great, and then the nex...

ROG STRIX G713PV-DS94 constantly runs hot

My ROG STRIX G713PV-DS94 has an issue ever since I first got it, that the temperature is contantly between 85-95C, while browsing the internet. Nothing seems to be decreasing the temperature, and I'm wondering if this is normal.

G614JI Blinking Orange Light After Starting Up

Bought a G614JI -XS96 new from Amazon Jan 2024 and this is the second issue I have had with this model. The current issue is after freezing while playing a game yesterday I turned it off and did not boot it up till the next day. Now though it either ...

STRIX G16 2023 keycaps sticky HELP !

liquid spill ( about 10ml of coffee ) laptop is functional after amlost a week no problem with keyboard what so ever yet only 2 keys are STICKY !!!i was wodering if i can open the keys caps on this model and clean the remaining residue or i will just...

HELP** Hard drive went missing! GL503VD

Went to turn my laptop on, like any other day, and it keeps booting to the BIOS menu...then I look through the ASUS BIOS MENU and see under storage that the 1000g harddisk is no where to be found...anyone have this problem? GL503VDthanks peeps!

Best ram upgrade for 2023 G16

I just purchased the laptop. It has a I-9 13980 and 4070. It only came with 16gb of ram so I want to upgrade it. From what I saw on the net this laptop has issues with ram. Plenty of conflicting  info on amount of ram it can run and clock speed the s...

Lemon81 by Level 7
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