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Terrible Thermals on G512LV

I can see from other threads that i am not alone in this issue, but i am experiencing some pretty awful thermal performance and throttling with my laptop which is barely 6 months old, but has performed this way from pretty much day 1.At idle with a m...

2020 Strix G15 Laptop (G512LW-ES76) 95C after 10 minutes?

Hey all,So i've had different support tech people from Asus tell me different things. According to the Armoury Crate software my CPU hits 95 degrees after about 10 minutes in turbo mode playing a game. Several support people told me that was a proble...

c0ntr0l by Level 7
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GL504GW ROG Lid Logo Led Flickering / White is Yellow

I recently noticed that the ROG logo on the lid is flickering/flashing sometimes and it is really noticeable when you have a static color such as red. Also I tried changing the color to white and I noticed it's more yellow than white compared to the ...

GL504GM FAN at max speed 24/7

Hi,I am currently working on a GL504GM.Left fan is at 7000 RPM no matter what. This is max speed. Even when the CPU is at 35°C and CPU usage is at 2% the fan is at full blast 24/7.I've tried:1. Reinstalling Nvidia Drivers. Newest, rollbacks to old v...

Keybord lightning effect freezes while gaming GL504GW.

Hi, my problem is that the lightning effects of my Strix Scar II GL504GW freezes while gaming. The effects run smoothly while idling but after a couple minutes playing any game the effect will freeze and it won't work again until I restart the PC or ...

Juli337 by Level 7
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Gl504gw Factory reset

Hello. I have a question regarding factory reset.If I reset my computer, will the original apps from the factory will be included or I need to install everything else myself? I want to reset because the app armoury crate shows a quick error when I wa...

GL753VD Laptop displayport performance problem

I have problems with my Asus GL753VD laptop and displayport.I have a screen that has dvi, hdmi and displayport to connect it to my laptop, I connect it with a displayport cable to the mini displayport 1.2 and it has 144hz.I installed the drivers, the...

GL703 New NVMe SSD's performance issue

Hi guys! My upgraded SSDs after cloning perform way below advertised speeds in GL703 laptop.WD Blue SN550 1TB and ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB perform 15-40% below expectations in different tests according to CrystalDiskMark and As SSD benchmarks.I've re...

craft2k by Level 7
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