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GL703 Fan Replacement

I'm looking to replace the fans in my GL703 as the bearings are starting to fail. Is there a dedicated fan for Left and Right or is it the same fan flipped? I had the fans off yesterday to blow them out to see if that was the issue, but I wasn't thin...

New G732. Extremely poor battery performance

Hello.I have a new Strix 17 G732LWS. Everything seems great except I'm only getting about 2 hours of battery life at full charge, even on Silent profile.Capacity is reported at 60,262 mWh. Discharge rate on Silent profile is about 30000 mW, which j...

mtz629 by Level 7
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G531GT - Bottom left corner LED always on

Hello,I have a problem with the bottom left corner LED, it's always on even when i put it off in the options of armoury crate (the light is green on the corner and continue to blue)The light turn on as soon as i power on the laptop and blinks sometim...

nutcas3 by Level 7
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Asus ROG GL703 GE Dim Black Screen

Hey guys, i have a problem with my Laptop, the screen just went on dim black screen as i start it up, keyboards and mouse lights are on (which i assume that thr laptop is running and turned on) but the display just went on dim black screen and the st...

G533QS problems

I’ve started having problems with my G533QS. I first noticed it in WoW. What happens is I’ll be playing then suddenly get kicked out to the desktop. The game is still running so I click its taskbar icon to get back in. This repeats a few times until ...

mario64 by Level 7
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ROG Strix G713QR Freaking out, please help

Ok, here's what happened, I left my laptop idling at home, with no workload, no direct sunlight or other external factors, after a few hours I come back and this is how I find it... 3/4 of the screen is freaking out, the rest is completely off, I res...

zajuruk by Level 7
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Strix Scar G15 G533QR sleep, LED and keyboard issue

Dear Community,I've just purchased brand new Strix Scar G15 G533QR (Ryzen 7, RTX3070). The only option to get my hands on this laptop was to buy it without Windows preinstalled - it came with no OS. I didn't have problem with Windows installation - I...

ROG Strix G17 G712LU Touchpad Mixing Up Gestures

Touchpad problems. I encountered some problems with the thouchpad mixing up gestures like from mixing up a simple move of the cursor transforming in a selection gesture.Another behaviour is that when performin 2 fingers gesture for scrolling up or d...