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battery question for ASUS ROG Strix users

Level 7

I've been looking at the ASUS ROG Strix G15 and G17 (not the advantage edition, it isn't available in my country) recently and besides all the YouTube videos I've seen and the articles and the actual advertisements, how long does the battery last? I'm planning on getting one for Gaming, but the reason I'm getting a new Laptop overall is for university. Can the battery last the whole "school" day on one charge or maybe 2 (just school work, not gaming at school)? If not, are there any others that could be recommended?

Thank you for your time.


Level 8

I can only comment on the G18 and just because of it's weight of 3 kilogram I wouldn't want to carry it with me all day. But when I unplug from power the battery-app tells me I have 2:25 hours remaining with 78% battery charge, so my guess is 'No way it'll last a day" 😉 (it switched to lowest power mode, I saw the counter go up from 1:23 hours)

Even when you tweak it it will be hard, specially because S3 Hybrid Sleep no longer exists and S0 Sleep has been introduced which drains the battery about 10% per 8 hours S0 Sleep. So you are almost forced to use Hybernate wich is basicly the same as booting your PC (with awesome ROG logo and sound) every time you want to use it.

So, unless you wanna flex, these laptops have no place on campus grounds other than connected to a wall power plug 😉 Anyway, just a thought.

Level 12

I have rog strix g17 an I never unplug it while gaming as I have found that the battery  doesn't last all that long for me.

Level 8

Another thing to consider is that a lot of AMD equiped laptops made by Asus the last 2 years are performing very poorly. If you just scroll thru this forum and search on Reddit you will notice the G15 and G17 are having a lot of issues involving the iGPU/dGPU not working together properly. Switching to full dGPU helps sometimes but I have not seen anyone solve this issue on her/his own. Just this morning a new thread was added with these issues. 

I am an absolute Asus adept, been buying their Intel/NVIDIA laptops since 2008 and I kid you not; Never ever did I have a single problem with them. However, now with the invention of S0 sleep that is being forced down our throath (by Microsoft whitout any backlash from the OEMs it seems) im experiencing a slight displeasure with battery drain, the cause is the SoC not putting everything to sleep properly which results in excessive NoHwDrips. Asus must be aware of this because they made an option in Armory Crate called 'Modern Standby Assistant' that puts the laptop in hybernate after 25 minutes of these excessive NoHwDrips during S0 sleep. Every evening when I put the laptop to sleep it's a lottery if it went to sleep properly, about 5 out of 10 times fails and the Modern Standby Assistant kicks in.

I had no problems till I updated to windows 11 my system worked fine on windows 10  but stupid me updated to it and after about a month I started having freezing issues with IGPU , the RTX 3060 worked fine I could get right into a game an play with no problems as soon as I left the game the freezing would start.