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Aura light stays on in sleep on lid close when plugged in.

Level 7

Hello. I think this may be a software bug, but if i close the lid on my Strix laptop while it is plugged in, it goes to sleep, but all of the aura lights stay on (and goes to to max brightness, instead of off like it should,  like the software settings are reversed). However, if i push the sleep button while plugged in, the computer goes to sleep and all of the aura lights turn off, so its just when sleep is triggered by closing the lid. Additionally, If i am running on battery, closing the lid does puts it into sleep mode with all of the aura lights off too, so  the issue seems to be specific to closing the lid while plugged in. I also already turned off sleep lighting in the armory settings.  I am running the latest firmware, and software version of armory.  Any ideas on how to fix this, or do I have to wait for a software update?