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Attention Asus: ROG Gaming Center V2.5.7 for GL703GE installs without turbo gear

Level 9
The new ROG Gaming Center V2.5.7 for GL703GE installs without the turbo gear setting.

I unzip the ROGGamingCenter_ASUS_CFL_W10_64_V257 folder; Then look in ROGGamingCenter/Data folder and there is a XLM file labeled (ROGTurboGear_GL503GE)
I unzip the old ROG_Gaming_Center_V256 folder; In the ROGGamingCenter/Data folder there is a XLM file labeled (ROGTurboGear_GL703GE)
Out of curiosity I copied and pasted the XLM file labeled (ROGTurboGear_GL703GE) into the new ROGGamingCenter_ASUS_CFL_W10_64_V257 ROGGamingCenter/Data folder, deleted the XLM file labeled (ROGTurboGear_GL503GE). Ran the installer and it installed the new gaming center version with the turbogear setting; (ie: standard; extreme; manual; with ability to overclock.)

You have the wrong installer or the wrong file in the installer download available for the GL703GE .

Level 9
25 days later Asus still providing the wrong file in the ROG Gaming Center installer. (does not inspire confidence)

Our favorite German download site:
is now providing a complete ISO download for the GL703GE.
This ISO contains the proper installer for the latest version of ROG Gaming Center V2.5.7 with the GL703GE .xml file, so it installs turbo gear.

Also contains: ROG GameVisual UWP {WILL INSTALL GAMEVISUAL} run Setup.bat as administrator.