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Asus Strix Scar II GL504GW RTX 2070 Clock speed

Level 7

Gpu: rtx 2070 Cpu:i7-8750h Ram:32gb

I was playing video games and I was monitoring my fps and realized that my gpu core clock dose not exceed 1215mhz and it usually stuck there, I then further looked into it and realized that the gpu voltage was around 0.6 to 0.75, which i believe is what is blocking the gpu from exceeding 1215mhz. Also sometimes it get stuck at 300mhz

Some times it will for a few seconds exceed 0.7 voltage and reach higher mhz but it will instantly go down.

My gpu temps are any around from: 80 - 93 Celsius while gaming and stress benching (time spy)

My cpu temps are around: 80 - 92 Celsius as well.

Also i have tried to undervolt the gpu where the lower voltage has higher clock, but i can't go past 700 voltage so I can't get higher voltage and having it lower than 800 isn't safe I believe anyways


Level 7

have you tried putting the laptop in the freezer? 😛