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ASUS Strix Scar II and Windows 10 1903

Level 7
When I upgraded my laptop to windows 10 1903 it caused the GTX 1070 to run with the power management mode set to "prefer maximum performance" . i have tried multiple drivers and they all get defaulted to 1443MHz. l have tried to set the power mode back to the default of optimal power but it doesn't stick on restarting. When I revert back to 1803 the problem seems to go away.

Level 12
1903 is best done via clean install. Upgrade path has multiple flaws. Including Remote Desktop issues, joystick issues and most likely the issue you just mentioned. While I cant be 100% sure that clean install will resolve your issues, I would recommend considering it, maybe backup your old install and take the plunge, worst case you can restore the backup if this does not fix your issue.

Out of three systems I own everyone one of them needed clean install for 1903 to work correctly.

Hope you find this of help.

Level 7
I've done a fresh install and it didn't work.