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Asus Strix SCAR 17 G733QS has updated itself to non-existing BIOS 3.11 (as of now)

Level 7
My machine has auto-updated itself to a bios version that is not available on the web page. On the asus webpage there are Bios:
Version 309
Version 308
but as you can see on the photo I made during Bios Update it updated itself to 3.11 ( from 2021/01/27)


MyAsus app also shows 3.09 as the newest bios.
My guess is that it was removed from the website. So I'd like to know if it is safe to continue on using laptop on 3.11 or should I downgrade (I'm not sure if it is possible).
I appriciate your assistance.

Level 7
I have Exactly same Laptop and same BIOS G733QS.311

Same here, it is now  September 2023 and no more updates. I paid a lot of money for this and hardly any updates to enhance, speed up etc etc. Also drivers hardly updated for months. I thought Asus would be different especially with how much you pay, I feel like the hardware has been left and abandoned , I will think twice about ASUS next time, My HP Omen is still supported and updated.

Level 7
Just to confirm, If do you downgrade it to 309 your aura sync will not detect the laptop and make it un-usable

Level 7
hahaha, interesting.

guys. I have same laptop g733 but sometimes my display turning off and on and appearing amd pop pup window with problems with the driver. once I even got this. have you ever faced it? I got these issue in 2-3 days of starting using this laptop. I tried in different modes and no matter.
I also wonder how this texture looks like for you. can you say is it the same for you? 88148

Same here on G533QR... Right after connecting to WiFi it downloaded 311 BIOS and updated itself. As for now it works fine, except my Airplane Mode LED is lit at all times - even when I shut down the laptop and connect charger...

Level 10
Dear all,
The new BIOS 315 has been released.
May you help to update it and share if your issue persists?
Thank you.

Level 7

I had the same thing, it takes a while to appear on the ASUS web site as stated by ASUS support. Windows update got it.