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Asus strix G733QS Keyboard stop working on sun light

Level 7
Hi everyone

I have some funny issue with my laptop. I change the position of my laptop some time ago and today, second time, my keyboard stop working. First time, i dissassemble laptop and clean the connector for keyboard and that "fix" issue. Today it happen again, but i accidentally blocked the light of the sun and keyboard start working again. Had anyone same issue?

I fix it by changing the angle between laptop and sun. Keyboard stop working while sun and laptop makes angle is around 45 degrees.

Level 7
You are not alone. I am not sure thou if it is the sunlight-induced temperature or just the light that causes this. (G733QR)

Level 10
Dear both,
Since the optical-mechanical keyboard is triggered base on the mechanism of cutting off the signal of infrared, the strong sunlight will release high density of infrared that could affect the mechanism and causing temporarily keyboard function disable. Therefore, we suggest avoiding using an optical-mechanical keyboard outside in the strong sunlight. (The indoor lighting is around 500-1000lux where the strong sunlight is around 56000lux)As the reflection from this kind of strong sunlight could affect the display content on the same time; we would suggest using the laptop indoors for better user experiences.
Hope you can understand and sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you very much.

Thank you for the explanation, Blake!
its a rather minor inconvenience - for me at least.

BTW I am not using the laptop outside. Its on a desk 2 meters away from the window. it looks like the engineering team could gain something from leaving the basement now and then 🙂

Thx again for your time!

For me it was quite funny, it is not the problem 🙂 I wrote about this to share this case with other people, to not worry about.

Fyi it happen to me indoor, i was working on my desk, windows was closed but not covered, so full sunlight through window shone on my laptop, really rare case.