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Asus Strix G17 constantly freezes

Level 8

Hello all!

I recently bought a StrixG17 (Ryzen 7000/9, RTX 4060, 16Gb DDR5) and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed so far.

As the subject implies, the laptop is constantly freezing, meaning I have to force shut it down to work with the machine. The thing is that these kinds of issues happen almost immediately after turning it on, like completely freezing on the password input (Windows 11 Home). Sometimes, even after restarting the laptop I get another freeze situation of the bat. Also, I have also experienced the occasional blue screen of death. 

I don't know if it is connected to the thing, but I also noticed that when I disconnect the charger while the laptop is on, there is a system stutter for like a second, and the screen flickers. Turning the power charger on again makes the screen to flicker a bit, but there is no system stutter (like watching a YouTube video and suddenly you have like 1fps for one second).

Things I have done so far to solve the issue: 

- Update all the drivers, either by going to the official Asus Driver page (and inputting my laptop's serial number), or downloading from the official websites (like AMD and Nvidea);

- Running a system check to find corrupt files, like sfc /scannow, msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic, DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth;

- Turning the laptop off, removing all physical connections (including charger), and pressing the power button for 1 minute to reset the BIOS.

- Reinstalling Windows 11.

Nothing solved the issue. I already RMA the laptop, the people at Asus mentioned they solve the blue screen situation by resetting the system (LOL), which I mentioned before that it was done here at home.

Suffice it to say that the faulty laptop is still here with no solution so far, so I'm about to RMA it again.

I have bought the laptop for work reasons (and occasional gaming hehe), and the reason for Asus is that I have an older laptop, from the same brand, that is still running for about six intense years of studying, working and gaming. Fantastic machine, so I had no second thought to follow Asus once again and kind of blow my budget. Now, I'm having second thoughts for real.


Did you ever found something like this?

Thank you 🙌



Oh good! I ended up getting strix18. So I'm likely returning the amd. I really wanted to like it. Everyone takes so long to update amd stuff.

Level 8

Solution found. Disable kernel isolation in Windows Defender. On video adapters and peripherals, remove drivers from Windows. Prevent Windows from installing and downloading drivers. Install drivers from asus website. Result: screen flickering and system freezing are gone

Have you used DDU to uninstall drivers? Have you uninstalled your nvidia and amd drivers?
Did you also install both drivers from the asus website?

Im uninstall via windows only. All drivers only from asus website

I used the drivers for 4080 from Nvidia and they seemed to be alright.

Level 7

Freeze situation immediately after turning on/after restarting (almost every time)
Spent lots of time trying every possible solution;
Solved switching from dedicated graphic card (Amd Radeon) to Nvidia graphic card.
1) Nvidia control panel > manage 3d settings > global settings > preferred graphic processor > high-performance nvidia processor > apply
2) Nvidia control panel > physX configuration > processor drop down list > Nvidia graphic card > apply

Hope this can help 

Level 8

Yea that is solution 4 all problems here 2

Level 7

Hi Guys,

I had the same issue as you. My Asus Rog G17 R9 7845hx 4060 keep freezing when it turns on or restarts. Then I followed this and downgraded my AMD graphic driver and the issue seems to be fixed. Here is the link for the steps:

Thx bro, it helps in my case. There is no freezing and hangs anymore. 🙂

Level 9

Hello, I have the same problem as you, constant freezing and to make matters worse, now the keyboard freezes and no keys work, only the on/off button. But the keyboard works again after about 8 minutes connected. I have a 2011 rog, and I decided to buy another one because mine still works perfectly, but I'm also disappointed. I live in Brazil and I bought the laptop in the USA, because if I lived in the USA I would have changed it. I don't know what else to do, I won't be back in the USA until October.