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Asus Strix G17 constantly freezes

Level 8

Hello all!

I recently bought a StrixG17 (Ryzen 7000/9, RTX 4060, 16Gb DDR5) and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed so far.

As the subject implies, the laptop is constantly freezing, meaning I have to force shut it down to work with the machine. The thing is that these kinds of issues happen almost immediately after turning it on, like completely freezing on the password input (Windows 11 Home). Sometimes, even after restarting the laptop I get another freeze situation of the bat. Also, I have also experienced the occasional blue screen of death. 

I don't know if it is connected to the thing, but I also noticed that when I disconnect the charger while the laptop is on, there is a system stutter for like a second, and the screen flickers. Turning the power charger on again makes the screen to flicker a bit, but there is no system stutter (like watching a YouTube video and suddenly you have like 1fps for one second).

Things I have done so far to solve the issue: 

- Update all the drivers, either by going to the official Asus Driver page (and inputting my laptop's serial number), or downloading from the official websites (like AMD and Nvidea);

- Running a system check to find corrupt files, like sfc /scannow, msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic, DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth;

- Turning the laptop off, removing all physical connections (including charger), and pressing the power button for 1 minute to reset the BIOS.

- Reinstalling Windows 11.

Nothing solved the issue. I already RMA the laptop, the people at Asus mentioned they solve the blue screen situation by resetting the system (LOL), which I mentioned before that it was done here at home.

Suffice it to say that the faulty laptop is still here with no solution so far, so I'm about to RMA it again.

I have bought the laptop for work reasons (and occasional gaming hehe), and the reason for Asus is that I have an older laptop, from the same brand, that is still running for about six intense years of studying, working and gaming. Fantastic machine, so I had no second thought to follow Asus once again and kind of blow my budget. Now, I'm having second thoughts for real.


Did you ever found something like this?

Thank you 🙌



Level 7

The problem seems to be related to switching between internal GPU and the dedicated GPU (4060). I went into BIOS, advanced mode and I disabled the dynamic GPU switching (dgpu option) and I rebooted my laptop 10 times without crashing.

Level 8

Hello. G713PU. Confirm that flickering and freeze is optimus issue. Temp solution - switch to nvidia gpu in bios

Level 8

Comprei uma rog strix G17 G713pv, pois tenho um rog desde 2011 que ainda funciona com certa perfeição apesar dos anos, por isso decidi continuar com a marca, porem enfrentando problemas com travamentos assim que o windowns abre, desligando sozinho, tendo que religar até 4 vezes seguidas, para iniciar. 

Level 8

I had a similar issue. Notebook G713PI (R9 7845 + 4070), after installing all the drivers, began to freeze immediately after loading Windows. When installing the Nvidia driver, the blue screen of death generally flew out. As recommended above, I turned off the dynamic switching mode between the GPU, it seemed to help, but the solution is not very pleasant.

Level 8

People, I ended up returning the laptop. 

Asus here is a lot at fault, especially their customer support which is surprisingly lackluster for such a worldwide known company. Maybe I'm a bit naïve expecting a quality service from a multimillion dollar company...

Honestly, kudos to you people here at the forum, for your patience and upbeat attitude! You're all amazing!

Although I have little patience to partially solve the situation with hacks, as I've spent quite a lot of money on this machine, expecting a top experience.

Well, I submitted another RMA, as the problems couldn't be solved right? They said the situation would be taken care as soon as possible, that they were very very very sorry for the situation.

And then, after waiting some days for their technical services confirmation, they refused to take in the laptop! They sent me a link to one of their FQA pages, like "solve stuff happens so that's it". I lost it, really. I contacted again, but maintaing a chill attitude, saying it's unacceptable this response, that it should be treated with more professionalism. They apologized again... so we're expecting here a wind a change, right? Wrong again: they asked this time if I had reset the machine. You know, the thing I said in the beginning that I already did? So, I just contacted Amazon, asking for a refund ✌️

Also also, in the meantime someone wrote a review on the page product on Amazon, mentioning the same problems, that force the person to return it. As we already checked here, it's a recurring issue on a recent model (at least this one with the R9 7940 AMD chipset) and, as far as I'm concerned, Asus isn't addressing this situation.

Level 7

Hello guys, same here I got a Rog Strix G713PI, Ryzen 9 7945HX / RTX 4070 4 days ago, after updated windows and all drivers, started to freeze, forced power off is the only way to restart the system, I even clean installed windows and upgraded it to 11 Pro, but the only solution was disable the dynamic GPU switching, I’m still testing but no crashes since 1 hour ago, obviously Asus must do something with this, maybe an update. 

Same thing bro!
If you have new information, please let me know!

Mine did it once yesterday (flickering mouse skipping around). I reflashed the drive with the onboard image. Only thing I updated (besides all the asus updates) was GeForce drivers. I rebooted it. Set it to eco and ran threw 12 open windows of YouTube playing in the background and 3dmark run. What I noticed the GeForce control panel had disappeared. Using just the integrated graphics. Something makes me think that the MUX is hung up and keeps the 40xx active on a portion of the open programs. I switched it back to standard it switched fine in-between them. There's another user here that found that tweaking memory protect settings helped. You will have to search for it.

Level 8

Level 8

Flikering solution :

disabling Defender (Security Center) > Core Isolation > Memory Integrity + using only ASUS provided AMD video drivers the issue is not reproducible anymore