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Asus Strix G17 constantly freezes

Level 8

Hello all!

I recently bought a StrixG17 (Ryzen 7000/9, RTX 4060, 16Gb DDR5) and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed so far.

As the subject implies, the laptop is constantly freezing, meaning I have to force shut it down to work with the machine. The thing is that these kinds of issues happen almost immediately after turning it on, like completely freezing on the password input (Windows 11 Home). Sometimes, even after restarting the laptop I get another freeze situation of the bat. Also, I have also experienced the occasional blue screen of death. 

I don't know if it is connected to the thing, but I also noticed that when I disconnect the charger while the laptop is on, there is a system stutter for like a second, and the screen flickers. Turning the power charger on again makes the screen to flicker a bit, but there is no system stutter (like watching a YouTube video and suddenly you have like 1fps for one second).

Things I have done so far to solve the issue: 

- Update all the drivers, either by going to the official Asus Driver page (and inputting my laptop's serial number), or downloading from the official websites (like AMD and Nvidea);

- Running a system check to find corrupt files, like sfc /scannow, msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic, DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth;

- Turning the laptop off, removing all physical connections (including charger), and pressing the power button for 1 minute to reset the BIOS.

- Reinstalling Windows 11.

Nothing solved the issue. I already RMA the laptop, the people at Asus mentioned they solve the blue screen situation by resetting the system (LOL), which I mentioned before that it was done here at home.

Suffice it to say that the faulty laptop is still here with no solution so far, so I'm about to RMA it again.

I have bought the laptop for work reasons (and occasional gaming hehe), and the reason for Asus is that I have an older laptop, from the same brand, that is still running for about six intense years of studying, working and gaming. Fantastic machine, so I had no second thought to follow Asus once again and kind of blow my budget. Now, I'm having second thoughts for real.


Did you ever found something like this?

Thank you 🙌



Level 9

try to install the latest AMD Chipset Drivers Revision Number

I did install the latest chipset drivers, but out of the blue, I reinstalled them with the provided link. The screen flicker thing still happens everytime I disconnect/connect the charger, as well as that stutter situation I mention (even the mouse cursor drags itself for like a second). I dind't experience a frozen type situation after reinstalling, but once I turned the computer to do that it froze right after introducing the password 😞 I'll try to monitor the situation today again later

I checked again and the laptop still gets frozen after a startup, so I guess the problem is still left to be check 😞 But thank you any way for your suggestion!

PS: funny (or not) enough, the laptop froze a second time after writing this same comment! So, I had to come here after force shutting it off a second time in a row to edit what I am writing just now. Unbelievable 

Estou com esse problema

Is   G733PZ with  Ryzen 9 7945hx suported in that chipstet driver??

yes, I installed those on mine G733PY successfully

Thnx on answer bro did u noticed any changes afer update?How are your temp under full load?Mine goes from90-95c?

No changes, laptop steel randomly freezes. Temps are the same as yours, its normal for Ryzen platforms. Despite high temps there is no thermal throttling so ok.

Level 7

Hello, I am having the same problem!

Asus ROG Strix G17 , with 7845HX CPU and it came with 32Gb single channel DDR5 and 1Tb WD Green SN350 SSD (PCIe 3.0) . It freezes with about 50% chance right after powering up. It wont respond to any keyboard input, except of holding the power button to reset the system. I am using the latest BIOS version (Version 316) . I also have all windows updates installed to date (with the optional ones as well) and all the latest drivers.

Once it goes it goes without a problem, tested with Prime 95 , stress tested RAM and CPU. And it games for hours with no problem. However, it will still freeze randomly right after Windows 11 loads. I have checked the event viewer for errors and so far these look fishy:

The server {8CFC164F-4BE5-4FDD-94E9-E2AF73ED4A19} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the ArmouryCrateService service.

The latter is reported even while the laptop is "frozen".

I am not having BSOD however. It is always right after power up. Temps are fine.