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Asus strix G16 won't play any games

Level 7

I bought the 2023 model with 13th gen Intel and rtx 4080 in March 2024. All was going well for 3 weeks until Asus notified me of a bios update. That's when all my problems started.

bios update failed thereby bricking my laptop. Sent it in for repair which required a new motherboard.

laptop was returned but was unable to play any games. All games crashed. Whether that be on steam, xbox app, epic. Every single time. NVIDIA control panel also showed the laptop set to optimus mode and there was no way to select dGPU. Sent it back for repair.

Laptop was returned but windows wasn't installed properly. It went through boot cycling and there was no way to recover from that. Sent it back for repair

Laptop has just been returned and the problem with games crashing still persists. I also notice that the dGPU frequency is stuck at 210MHz despite the dGPU enabled in NVIDIA control panel.

I really don't want to return the laptop for the 5th time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Level 12

Send it back and try to get your money from them !!! Buy new one becouse this is defective and they can repair it you just get a bad luck .... In my country if i have a problem whit any electronics and send it to warranty more than 2 times i can get refund my full price of the device also if they didn't repair the laptop after the 30 days i also can get full refund 

So collect information how the thing stay in your country and if you can get full refund and buy another one i haved a Strix G16 2023 work perfect love it and for now doesn't have any problem so you case can be defect laptop