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ASUS Strix G15 CPU fan running uncontrollably

Level 7

I've had this Strix G15 for about 11 months, it was running smoothly on Windows 11 Home.


But a few weeks ago, the CPU fan started running on max speed whenever there's any load on the CPU or while playing games. The armory crate software showed 0 rpm, but I can clearly see that the fan is running on max speed.


Changing the profile to silent doesn't reduce the speed. Even after closing the game/ CPU load the fan still runs on max speed. Restarting the laptop doesn't work either.


I took the laptop to the store, they reinstalled my windows (windows 11 pro 21h2) and reapplied the thermal paste. Then for about 12-13 days it worked properly. However, today the problem reappeared.


How can I fix this problem? 



Level 7

Hi, I've come across this issue today. Fans are constantly at  100%. Tried changing settings in Windows and Armoury crate too. Still the same issue. I think it is some software or bios update that was rolled out that is causing this to happen. It's pretty annoying. The MyASUS diagnostic shows there is a fan hardware issue. For me it happens after the display turns off and comes back on again. Hope they are aware of this issue. I'm lost not knowing what else to do. I have a Zephyrus G15 GA503RM.