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Asus scar strix 17(2021) doesn't work

Level 7

I was using my computer when suddenly a blue screen appeared, which I think was the blue screen of death. I'm not completely certain because there were a lot of distortions. After that, the PC restarted and attempted to repair the startup, but it was unsuccessful. Following this, something strange began to happen: whenever I tried to run any type of recovery, it either froze or the screen turned black. I initially thought it might be a hardware issue, such as an overheating processor. However, in the BIOS utility, there were no freezes.

Then, I downloaded Windows and decided to reinstall it. During the installation process, it froze, similar to what happened in recovery mode. So, I thought of trying Linux instead, but I encountered the same issue during its installation—the system froze and the screen turned black.


Level 12

try checking the ram or the ssd may have an issues or even your GPU driver.

what are your specs for your laptop?

The text contains several grammatical errors. Here's a corrected version:

"The specs are:

- 32GB RAM
- 1TB storage
- AMD Ryzen (I forgot the model)
- Nvidia RTX 3080

I tested the RAM using MemTest86, and there was no problem, so I believe the issue is with the storage; the SSD must be dead. I've already ordered a new one. I'm just concerned about my files and my Windows license.

Well, I've already bought a new SSD, but since it's international shipping, it's going to take a while until I get it, maybe at the beginning of next month. I may inform if it went well"

Level 12

I was wondering when you had the Blue screen did a QR code appear with  error message or error number? usually you can look it up at Microsoft for the code.

It was sudden: I got a blue screen and a shutdown. Since I use a dual-screen setup, the blue screen appeared on the primary one, and I was focused on the second one so I couldn't see properly

but I believe that the SSD failing

Most blue screens are caused by faulting drivers,

In windows  open "Get help app"  type in  troubleshoot BSOD error  and then follow the guide

But sometimes it's hardware failures as well.

Level 7

Well I got new SSD and RAM

And I can't install windows because the pc freezes im the process

Since the SSD is new, I can't believe it's a software issue. It must be a hardware problem, maybe the motherboard is gone. I don't know.

Level 12

Try this just put one of the ram sticks in an see if it freezes or not, 'Cause I could get my system to work with just one of the 16gb sticks installed but as soon as I put the second one back in it started to freeze again.