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Asus Scar 18 i9-13980hx rtx 4090 temperature

Level 7

Hello Guys Who Have This Laptop And Can Tell Me What Temperature

He Get When Laptop Only Turn ON. ( Mine CPU 60-75  , GPU 50-55 )

And What Temperature While Gaming. ( Mine CPU 90-95 , GPU 80-82 )

I Want Check If Its Only Me Or All Have This High  Temperatures With This Model.


Level 8


This is web browsing / light productivity.

Idle the GPU is about the same and the CPU is about 45-50º

Gaming GPU is ~80ºC and CPU depending on the game about 85-90-95ºC

Level 12

It depends on many things 

Whats the ambient temperature where you live?

Do you have the laptop on top of a cooling base?

Some games are more demanding than others

Gaming temps are fine, but idle temps seem a bit high on the cpu

P.S - Do you have miniled screen? 

24C on my country right now.

the laptop not on cooling base.

games temps fine yea its why i dont understand why on simple use like watch movie he get 60-90C

no mini led screen.

Are you using bios 321?

Level 10

CPU temperature spikes between 90-95c are normal for the Intel Core i9-13980HX when gaming or running demanding benchmarks.
Although your average should be between 70-80c with liquid metal.
The cpu's are designed to push for maximum performance if there is thermal headroom and by specification the rated throttle point is 100c.
Have a look at this video with an Intel engineer who explains the Architecture of modern Intel Cpu's.

Generally we use applications such a Throttlestop or Intel XTU to undervolt and in some cases reduce the turbo groups of the cpu to reduce throttling.
A very good video guide can be found on this link.