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ASUS Scar 18 high CPU temperatures during idle

Level 7

Hi all. I have an Asus Scar 18 2023 and the CPU temperatures during idle are not ideal. In my previous laptop I had made a power plan where I put 99% in processor power management, so that it doesn't go to turbo mode. Thus keeping it at stock 2.5ghz speed with low temperatures. This doesn't seem to work on the Asus Scar 18. Any other ideas?:)


Level 12

Whit this information that you provide no one can help you .... What are your definitions for ideal cpu temperature in idle mode ? What performance plan you use in Armory Crate ? What are your real temperatures in idle mode in C° ? What are the CPU,GPU,SYSTEM fan speed in this idle mode 

It's 50+ degrees on idle, spiking to 60 from time to time. I'm talking about the Windows  power plan in Armory Crate.

I think it should be below 50 degrees on idle.

This is normal temperature becouse you dont know what your laptop do in background and how much utilize the CPU in short moment

Also depends what CPU your laptop have (information that you didn't provide) 

If your laptop have i9-13900HX this is 24 cores cpu and is normal to get 60+ degrees in short time becouse in windows mode your fans are not so aggressive and they dont react so fast in temperature changes

I have the i9-13980HX.

So what could I do to make the fans responsive and keep it at 50 degrees?:)

You can make a custom fan profile or use a turbo or performance profile but in reality its better to do nothing becouse this is not a problem this is normal and no matter what you will do to lower the temperature to 50C° or less that will not help you whit anything will not improve your performance, lifespan of the cpu or anything else that you can think about so everything that you do to lower the temperature is losing of time becouse your operation system is smart also armory crate is smart and you dont need to do anything ....  When you gaming is a different you must use performance or turbo mode or for best performance you can make a custom fan speed profile in Armory Crate for optimal temperature and best gaming experience 

And last thing to mention your CPU in games can go to 90+ degrees and again this is not a problem

I agree with most of those things,  but why do you believe that dropping the temps will not lengthen the lifespan of the cpu anyway?

Intel guarantee that the max operation temperature for this cpu is 100 C° so if you play games and your cpu is at 90-95 C° there will be not problem for the cpu even if you play long long time every day for a month at 90 C° your cpu will not be damage so this CPUs are designed to work at High temperature and this is not a problem also some AMD cpus also work at constant 95 C° in heavy games just read in google or watch some videos about this

Level 12

Intel does indeed list 100°C as the maximum temperature for most processors, including the i9-13980HX, but nowhere does it state that this is a safe temperature for long-term loads. Intel also informs that the maximum PL2 power limit for this CPU is 157 W and specifies that this is only possible for a short time, so I assume that the CPU should not stay at maximum temperature for long periods of time during tasks such as gaming.

Yes ofc course, during gaming I get normal laptop temps. If it reaches 87-90 degrees it starts downclocking. 

What I don't understand however, is why I cannot limit the processor to stock speed and prevent it from going turbo, by putting 99% in Power Plan--> Processor Power Management. Used to work with my previous laptop.