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Asus Scar 18 - BIOS 318 to 321 - any new info?

Level 7

Hey guys, obligatory checkup on everyone's experience with BIOS 321 thus far..

I'm personally getting harassed now by Windows update to upgrade but want to stay on 318.

Anyhow, what's the latest information we know?

From memory the CPU was downvolted by something like 30mv or something, leaving multicore score severed down by roughly 10-15% (32,000 down to 28-29,000) on Cinebench R23.

Also hearing some machines having issues where they constantly reboot and almost brick themselves.

New info dump would be appreciated.


Level 12

if the laptop is working fine, do not perform any update, but back up all drivers, including the bios firmware.

Some people who have done this 321 update have had BSODs every few minutes.

Keep in mind that ASUS is doing everything they can to destroy their brand and bankrupt the company.
It is very unlikely that anyone who has bought an ASUS in the last 2-3 years will come back to buy ASUS.

In light of this, don't go looking for trouble.
Drivers are only updated when strictly necessary.

Status Under Review

Level 12

If you do a web search you will find many others who, after updating the bios, have had many problems and it is not at all easy to go back to the previous bios.

The very concept of automatic driver updates is aberrant.
Especially if these updates are done with feet.

If, for example, a student who bought an Asus PC and doesn't even know what a driver is, gets her drivers automatically updated, the next day she will have a laptop that no longer works and she won't know where to go to swear.

However, this thread was posted in the TUF section, where what happens borders on scandalous.
Perhaps things are better for other models.

Personally, I bought a ROG in 2016 and was very pleased with it.
Then I bought a TUF in 2021 and every day has a new problem.
I have never seen such crap.
And it is clear that they are intent on destroying the brand, because you cannot produce garbage like this, even if you put your mind to it.

Anyone who has bought an ASUS TUF is very unlikely to buy another ASUS.
And they also talk in the WEB, advising others against buying ASUS.

If you have a manager of software engineers, who can't do his job, they replace him and put in competent people.
So from what it looks like, ASUS's policy is to put the company out of business.

Status Under Review

I'm referring to the fact he just copy pasted my question from Reddit.

Forums are not for writing meaningless concepts.
If you have something to say, write it clearly.
Otherwise, don't waste your time with gibberish.

who cares as long as the message gets out about it.