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Asus Scar 16 rtx 4080

Level 7


I bought a Scar 16 this summer, i seen some issues about shutting down while i was playing or 3D rendering, 

This issue comes more and more now it's happend on low poly games too. 6 month of having it.

i compared it to the zephyrus 2021 of a friend on the game VoidTrain and with a rtx 3060 and a Ryzen 7 and it work perfectly insted with the same graphic settings my scar 16 rtx 4080 shut down ! :/.

Help me if you can plz !



Level 9

There is an application called MyASUS. There are  diagnostic tools that can be used. Try those. Try to update your drivers and BIOS if you didn´t  try that already. If that does not help. Contact support. You should be still under warranty.

thx for your anser, i did the diagnostic with MyAsus but nothing in view. i'l try bois update.

have a nice day !


It tell me their is no bios update to downlod for my model but for the others their is some -.-'  and MyAsus detected any issues. Do you know were i contact rog for those 

Level 7


see for the G634JY  update valabe

for G634JZ no 




Level 7

do i install the other one ?


Do not install a BIOS that is not for your laptop. Look at the temps in HWinfo64 (download it, it is a simple tool). The GPU has a core temp and a hotspot temperature. If the discrepancy is more than 10°C than there can be a problem (hotspot should be higher). There are other with the same issue. Bad liquid metal application on the cooler. Some even have the hotspot temp as high as 110°C. When the system detects overheating it automatically shuts down. In any case, you should contact support and try to resolve the problem and if that does not help get it fixed under warranty.

I didn’t install it. 
I really thx you for your time and your explication I see that there is other model with this matter too. I’ll go ask support. It still under warranty.