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Asus scar 16 crashing

Level 9

the asus scar 16 4080 model I bought 8 months ago suddenly crashes in games as if the electricity has gone The video below is my computer 


Yeah the ASUS specs are a mess. Different regions, different specs. In Malaysia I saw Srix G16s that look like a crossbreed between a G16 and A Scar with LED Rog logo on the back of the display and a green strip instead of the RGB strip on the back of the laptop. With or without the numpad, which here in the EU is only available with the Scar with no back strip or led logo and so on... When I bought mine which is designated G614JZ Nebula 014, I missed that it has no OS, which from my point of view is win, with no bloatware. But it takes some time and a few buck to buy Windows 11Pro retail key. I even use GHelper instead of Armory crate. But I didn´t find my laptop anywhere else except my country. I wouldn´t shell out 3200€ for a laptop without Mini led. Only to get a numpad and some LED. O actually never was a fan of ASUS. Always had Lenovo laptops. Those newer let my down. But this was a good price laptop. So I bought it.

Level 10



The problem is the Liquid metal....... i had the same problem 

WhatsApp Bild 2024-04-03 um 14.22.27_f6e2126a.jpgWhatsApp Bild 2024-04-03 um 15.41.48_ac1f4d76.jpg

Why didn't you give a warranty isn't it dangerous to open liquid metal

Since I have a final school exam coming up soon and I urgently need the laptop, I had to replace the liquid metal because I kept experiencing crashes. Warranty would have taken too long. After replacing the liquid metal, the laptop runs perfectly. Sorry for my poor English, I'm from Germany


Yeah, he will loose his guaranty. Work with liquid metal isn´t that bad. Did it my self on my Legion 5. I was actually surprised how much LM ASUS uses. It sticks beautifully to the metal and the chip. No need to use so much. Just spread it evenly on both surfaces and voila. Works like a charm. And I used cheap LM from Aliexpress. GaLiStan is only GaLiStan.  

I don't really want to do such a job because it's a very expensive computer, when I was cleaning my old hp laptop, the screw fell on the motherboard and short-circuited, I wish I had removed the battery.If it was a normal thermal paste, I would change it too

Logically, no one should do this, it he/she is not comfortable with this type of servicing. Always disconnect the battery first. You are not alone with this. Did that my self. Killed a motherboard. And yes, this thing is too expensive to do this. Especially when voiding warranty with this step. Nirexis is under time pressure, so I can understand him, but anyone else should use the warranty process. There could have been another problem, not connected to the LM and ASUS could just deny any warranty after this step. The only difference between LM and a normal paste is the application process. It is not hard to do. But a little bit different. It is not watery, it holds together. The only way how to spill the LM is pushing too hard on the applicator. I did not use the syringe tip. It is quite hard to get out thru the tip. Unscrewed, and it went out flawlessly. 

Level 9

I'll seeing 100 C max on CPU and 90 C max on GPU. RMA'd motherboard from ASUS. I have not decided to open it up yet as I'm waiting on ASUS rep to reply back.  My 1 yr warranty just ended... 

The temps also depend on the ambient temp. Most tests are done at around 21°C so the higher the ambient, the higher the CPU/GPU temps, the more throttling.  The system always tries to go to the limit. There are many variables. Yup, wait for the reply. 

I keep my house around that temp so ambient temp factor is minimal.