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Asus scar 16 crashing

Level 9

the asus scar 16 4080 model I bought 8 months ago suddenly crashes in games as if the electricity has gone The video below is my computer 


Level 9

I'm having the same issue - same model.  It was RMA'd once for a new board.  Based on the CPU temp recordings it reached 95C and was throttling.  Fan was on full blast. I will check the CPU and GPU paste.

It´s liquid metal so be careful. I have seen some videos that showed bad application of LM. People have redone it and it was OK. Seems like an overheating problem.  

Yes, it sees 110 degrees in the hot spot processor and video card.i will send it to guarantee

That is way too hot. If you meant the GPU hot spot, than on mine the temperature difference is like 4°C plus on the hot spot. And CPU/GPU under load is stable at 80/80°C with 21°C ambient in performance mode, and even less in silent mode.

I think there is a problem with liquid metal, it gets too spot is usually above 100 degrees and my processor always slows down, I tried undervolt, but it didn't happen

Level 12

I'd suggest you watch Jayztwocents video, as there might be software that could help you monitor whats causing the problem 

Level 9

Even the GPU wattage and frequency is way too low. A 4080 in performance mode should run at 150-175Watts with no problems. I have a G16 not a Scar, but apart from the RGB and mini led screen it is the same laptop.  Even the GPU frequency sometimes boost to 2450MHz on mine and is at 2280MHz standard. The CPU wattage looks fine at 55Watts. So your  GPU is definitely thermal throttling.

Yes, you're probably right, because I get lower fps than usual, and I thought this computer was a mini led, but it wasn't, I opened another post about it, asus really shouldn't have done such a thing, when I bought the product from amazon, it said a mini led, but when I turned it on, it wasn't the version with a mini led.The best solution is guarantee