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Asus Scar 16 4090 Stutter and Frametime pause in Cyberpunk, Hitman 3

Level 9

I have had a weird issue for a while on the Asus Scar 16 4090 - even the latest bios, and even 528.66 Nvidia drivers or the newest ones. 


We have talked about the hdr/black sceen driver issues, but this one is slightly different. 

When playing with Ray Tracing and Hitman 3 or Cyberpunk, I'll get massive stutters. This is NOT performance related, because there were times I was able to get it stable, and it works fine on other laptops with similar performance. 

If you have a frametime graph, every second it will  stutter and pause, making it unplayable. It's definitely a bug of some type. 


And yes, everything is set as you would expect - ultimate GPU, fans on high on top of a cooling pad, etc. It's a bug I think. 


This does not happen on a Razer Blade 16 4090, but it also happens on an MSI 4090 Titan I tested. I wonder what is going on? THe Blade 16 does not have customized nvidia drivers. 

Rarely I've been able to make it go away by toggling the resolution to a different one and back a few times, but lately have not been able to. Does it with DLSS 3 on or off, as well. 

Anyone else experiene this and have thoughts as to what is potentially going on? 


Level 10

Same! I have scar 16 4080 and only using ultimate mode (discrete only/mux switch) i have the stuttering issue. Optimus/double gpu mode don’t have this issue, i recommend you to try it without ultimate mode and bam it’s gone!

Thank you! Switching from ultimate mode to standard, and it suddenly works without any stuttering. The issue seems to be specific to the ultimate mode.

I have a scar 16 4090.

Level 7

  hello, yesterday i downloaded cp2077.

also i got stuttering issue.

  found some fix in other group. 

i will just copy and paste here.   

   1. Head over to your NVidia control panel (I reckon, people with AMD systems have to find similar settings in catalyst control centre) -> manage 3D settings - > program settings -> Cyberpunk 2077. There,  toggle Vertical Sync to "Fast" and Max Frame Rate to 75. Then apply. 2. Go to the game directory, find "Cyberpunk2077.exe" (it's in Cyberpunk 2077\\bin\\x64). Properties -> Compatibility -> toggle "Disable fullscreen optimizations". 3. Launch the game, disable V sync there, turn off FPS limiter, and set it to fullscreen.  Note: if that doesn't work for you, try resetting all settings in the control panel, then re-do the first step.    


     let us know if this solution helps you.  also put the settings to ultra and not in ray tracing. you can do ray tracing but only until medium ray tracing