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ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 - GA402RJ 2022: Black Screen/No Video Output on Primary Screen (HDMI Only)

Level 7

Laptop Model: ASUS ROG Zephyrus GA402RJ 20
Purchase Date: July 22, 2023
Configuration: No upgrades or modifications.

Hello ASUS community,

During regular use of my laptop, the screen began to flicker. After restarting, unplugging, and re-plugging the external monitor and power cord, the laptop's screen went entirely black. When I connected an external monitor, it worked perfectly, but the laptop's built-in screen is no longer detected by the system, remaining black. The drivers are up-to-date, and I've tried updating the BIOS, changing the kernel, leaving the notebook off for hours, performing a hard reset, and also booting attempts connected to the power source or just on battery without any other devices. However, the problem persists..

I am available to provide any additional data or information that might help. I sincerely appreciate any assistance or suggestions!