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Asus rog trix does not see M.2 SSD

Level 7

So. I bought a 2019 GL731GW. There seem to be a lot of issues with adding/replacing a M.2 SSD. Looks like some will work and some will not work(laptop does not see some M.2 SSD models at all)

I tried a 1TB Hynix GOLD M.2 SSD (2020!). Did not work. I put it in a 2015(!) Maximus Hero 8 where i could see it and also being able to install a windows version on it after some changes in the BIOS...looks like Onboard Devices Configuration (Auto, X2 Mode of X4 Mode) had a impact. The GL731GW has very few BIOS options so that likely will not float.

Looks like i can try disable TPM/secure booth after that i am likely out of options. Any other tips i could try?

My questions  here is what M.2 SSDs actually do work with these model series? 


Level 12

Disable the VMD controller in the BIOS.

Level 7

ok. There is non such option in the BIOS. There also does not seem to be a hidden BIOS menu on these ASUS laptops. 

btw as it is there is a INTEL SSDPEKNW010T8 for W11 (which seem to be standard in this model). I added a Samsung 870 EVO SSD for storage. All this works fine. So looks like VMD controller is not present or if hidden is turned off.

Level 7

I installed Windows 11 on the 870 SSD, removed the Intel M.2 after that, replaced it with a 1TB Samsung 980 M.2, installed Windows 11 on it, removed all data from the 1TB 870 SSD. So for the moment i use the M.2 980 for Windows and SSD 870 for storage.