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Asus rog strix screen flickering

Level 7

One day when i turned on my laptop asus rog strix g12 the screen suddenly started flickering , when it is placed in some certain positions(not the display angle)like when it is placed on my lap it works at some position and when it is placed on the table it starts flickering very much . How come it works well in some certain position


Level 12

Open the task manager if it doesn't flicker, it could be a third party app. that you could have download recently that could be affecting your system, best way to check is to put your system in safe mode to see if the flickering is continues if it does then what ever app(s) you downloaded uninstall any recent apps.

Update your display drivers see if this is an issue.


No i think its some internal problem because it changes when the laptop alignment changes, Need to contact service centre