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ASUS ROG Strix Scar II thermal pad issues

Level 7

GL704GW (Core i7-8750H, RTX 2070)
I would like to know the experience from who had this issue before and how to solve it
After i disassembly to change thermal paste , i had found out that thermal pad as in photo attachment its looks as it
melt on motherboard

I would like to ask some questions

1- Dose thermal pad need to change or just its normal?
2 - If it need to change , so which thickness of thermal pad need to buy to add 0.5mm or 1mm or 2mm ?

Thanks for your time & help

Level 7
Any help ?

Torn and smashed/deformed thermal pads generally work OK after reassembly as long as there is enough material left to contact both surfaces. If you do decide to change them I would look to see if anyone has posted a teardown online or on Youtube and mentions the pads. Otherwise you may want to buy a kit with several thicknesses and compare to what you have in order to get the closest match. As you can see from your existing pads it's ok if they are slightly too thick because they will compress but if they are significantly thicker it can lift the cooler and keep it from sitting flat against the CPU and GPU.
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Level 7

Hello, I would like to know where you can buy original Asus thermal pads

Level 9

for ease of replacement just get thermal putty instead of pads, you will get better temp transfers of the vrms and vram and because its a putty it will conform better as it is squished down.

You wont be getting any original asus thermal pads anywhere and 3rd party would be your only choice and perform better (outside of putty that performs the best)