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Asus ROG strix scar II bluetooth problem

Level 7
Hello everyone.
I am owner of asus rog strix scar 2 GL504GW. I just bought this laptop few days ago.
I have a problem with bluetooth connection. My phone unable to connect via bluetooth to the laptop but able to send and receive file.
I already sent my laptop to service center. Hardware is working good.
I did a test on asus FX 503 and 504 too which the result is the same 'cant connect'. All the laptop running on windows 10.
Is there any restriction that asus blocked?
It is so weird coz i can connect to my friend's laptop (not asus) and my old laptop(not asus) without any problem.

I really need the bluetooth connection. I hope i can get some info from you guys here. Appreciate it alot.

If anyone of you having the same problem or having a solution, please do share with me.. Thank you in advance.


Level 7
Do you need more information on what kind of phone system you want to connect to your machine?
Apart from sending the file, I do not use it for anything else. It is possible that windows has a hidden configuration that works differently in different types. My systems: win10 enterprise, and android 8.0 on smartphone.