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Asus ROG Strix Scar G17 G733QS hangs/freezes/crashes when on battery / unplugged

Level 7
I've tested endlessly tring to pinpoint the problem cause and finally seem to have found it:

When plugged in:
Set to any mode BUT the 'Silent' mode, everything runs totally fine. When in 'Silent' mode, there is a chance to freeze.

When unplugged / running on batter:
The laptop would show random stutter / mini freezes when run on battery in 'Performance' mode, and 100% chance to freeze in 'Silent' mode.

Must be something in the power options advanced settings that screws this up!! but i don't know which!

Win10 all drivers up to date
Myasus all drivers up to date
Latest AMD Radeon drivers using auto detect from AMD
Latest Nvidia geforce drivers

Anyone else have the same problem or know the fix for this problem?? its bugging me for weeks as i'm afraid to unplug it at work fearing that it would freeze and lose all my work! Please help!

Level 8

I have the exact same problem. I tried a fresh win11 install and i stll have the same problem. In windows or silient mode the computer will freeze predictably in about 90 seconds.

This also causes issues booting up. It may hang up 3-4 times before making it to windows. 

I have to run in performance or turbo mode while on battery which is not ideal. 

I cant any information on what to do, everything is fresh and clean install. Temps look good. Occasionally i get a blue screen with a watchdog error, but that is rare.