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ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR (2022) Screen issue

Level 7
I had bought this Strix Scar 15 3070Ti 2022 version about 2 months, and I had found out this issue on last week. Is this screen bleeding issue? I always traveling around and wonder that the screen is broken due to recently I had put a lot of thing in my backpack and causing screen are being pressured. Any solution will be appreciated, thanks.

Just curious, how bright is the condition in your picture? It looks like you're working with a really dim condition, but it's hard to tell from the picture!

A bit of 'glow' is normal on IPS displays especially when the image is dark, and it does seem like your laptop has an IPS display. Does this glow happen with a lighter background, and is it noticeable when the surrounding space is well lit?

Yes, it is pretty noticeable, whenever I was browsing or playing game, any dark background will pretty much making these 'thingy' noticeable.