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Asus Rog Strix SCAR 18 Issue need help

Level 7


I buy this Asus Rog Strix 18 few days ago and i have some issue if i open task manager i have open in Background processes 118 stuff open and in Windows processes 112 stuff open and i check the Armoury Crate and on Memory and Storage is say my RAM memory is use 26.6% and RAM is 8.4/31.6GB and is affecting the gameplay because some time is chrashing the game and the windows partition is made wrong because is only 1 in replace of 2 folders C and D and my memory in replace of 2TB is show is only 1.83 TB and my memory ram is show only 31.6GB from 32GB some time I got like a black screen issue in games and errors and crashes when I leave my laptops for some time without touching and is go in saving power mode is restarting automatically the laptop without any reason I have a problem with some weird noise like a scratch in Silent mode and Performance Mode and is very annoying I testedit with the power supply pluged in and out as well and same issue some time when I watch like some stuff on screen like installing bar is show like with bad quality is setting say is not supporting HDR and I have some issue with driver from windows update is not installing thanks to this my USB drivers are not working any more so I can't conect a mouse or headset and are so many ad's on the laptop I think ASUS start to get more bad and bad every year I use an very old model asus laptop and I have it for 7 year with no problems and now is not working any more so I was thinking to upgrade to something now.

Sorry for say al of this thing but I don't know to much stuff about this new series laptops so for me everything is new maybe can I get some help please. I will put some pictures in here. I think this supposed to not happen to a laptop like this with is so expensive in my region is 3999£ .

PS. Sorry for my bad English.








Sorry I can't put any video here with some others issues I don't know how to put them.


Level 10

Hi there @Tao1 ,

I just found your post today and try to help you understanding all this stuff.

Let's start with the tasks in the taskmanager. That mostly depends on your system configuration and installed software. Windows themselves uses a lot of tasks in the background needed to run your system properly. Some of this software is splitted into more than one task. If we're just looking into Armoury Crate it's build in a lot of modules bundled in this software like Aura, background features, lightning, keyboard, mouse, a.s.o. and every part of this software has it's own task like AC Control Interface or AC Services for example. So only this part of software results in a bunch of tasks shown in the taskmanager. Additional software like MyASUS need their own tasks, so that we came out in a hugh list of running tasks in the background. If we're having 2 graphic devices, they both need their own drivers an in summory also their own task, like nVIDIA containers and Intel ARC stuff. On top there will be your own software you're using like webbrowsers, antivirus, game clients and more. That all ended up in using RAM capacity, but it's pretty normal, so don't be afraid of this.

When we're now looking to our NVME drives and their capacity ( also the RAM ), we have to know that the industry is using some "tricks" in corrrisponding their capacity. As computers using the binary system ( 1 and 0 ) splitted into bits ( 8 long terms ) we mathematical using a decimal system ( from 1-10 ). To explain that it will cost me a lot of time here. Please feel free to google the difference between GB and GiB and you will find out, that the numbers shown are "correct". The second part ( when we're talking about he capacity of our NVME drives ) is the hidden stuff on the original drive where are hidden partitions like boot partition, recovery, a restore section, MyASUS for UEFI Tools and things like that. So if you're installing a fresh and brandnew drive where you're installing windows, the system automatically will bring up 2 partitions. One where the logical drive stuff is hidden and the regular system drive C:/ Preinstalled systems like this here have some more hidden partitions like I told you before. So a brand new empty drive will always be a bit bigger than the OEM drives 'cause all the stuff like recovery is missing.

Let's get into the next part with HDR. HDR is a "standard" which only describes what a screen has to do and effects on lighning and colouring. Please feel free to inform yourself about the differences between HDR, HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR ( it's the same for TV's or monitors ) and you'll slightly understand that Win11 won't support Dolby Vision HDR, cause it's their own "standard".

The driver update issues came sometimes when you get your own new drivers from the manufacturer. Normaly Windows will try to install their own singned drivers via Windows Update and that can cause problems. I had a pretty same problem while using Intel Driver Updater. Intel tries to install their new drivers and Windows wasn't happy about that and tried to install their own drivers and that ended up in a boring driver tennis match 😒

For your "wake up" problem I have no solution. This must be a simple switch in the energy managment console. I have no problems like that. But you have to differ between sleep mode, deep sleep and emergency shut off. While you can wake up your system from sleep mode by moving the mouse or pressing a key, the deep sleep can be returned from the power button. Emergency shutdown will be initiated when the battery runs so low, that it can cause a damage on the battery. But as you told us you're using lapptops for years, I think you know about that and will figure out what the problem is 😉

Last thing ( if I read your thread correctly ) are the issues with some games and some kind of noise. Let's have a look at Armoury Crate. 1st I see your graphic switch is set to ultimate which means that you're only using nVIDIA graphics. So everything you're doing on this mashine is using only the dedicated graphics. This can help to prevent games from using the iGPU but as we're sadly knowing the new RTX 40x0 series is praised with "coilwining". This can be the noise you're talking about. In my system it's only hearable at refreshrates above 120+fps. The more frames are generated the higher the slightly noise, but in my case these are only a few seconds cause the fans will blow up and I'll don't recognize the wining anymore. As I can't see your profile using in Armoury Crate I think you're using silent or windows mode. I don't know if this helps to you, but my system is always runing in performance mode and the fans are still silent ( nearly unhearable but if you're concentrating, slightly noticeable ). My tip on that, running Armoury Crate in performance mode and switch the graphics to "standard" or better "optimized" mode. If you plan to play a game on your system, you can switch the Armoury Crate profile from performance to turbo mode. My best opinion for gaming is to create a manuel profile in Armoury Crate and use this, but ATTENTION: you have to select a good fan profile for that and have to read and recognize the warning message for overclocking before you apply the profile !!! I don't realy trust in the 3 preselected fan profiles so I made my own. The two power switches set to maximum ( 140W / 175W ). CPU fan profile set to a straight line from 30°C at 30%, 40°C at 40% in steps from every 10°C at 10% more fan power to a maximum with 100°C at 100%. This profile is also used for the GPU and system fan. ATTENTION AGAIN: you have to do this for ALL 3 fans and save this as your own profile ( in my case called 10° per 10% ). Now ( to get the most power out of your mashine ) go into Armoury Crate if you're planing to play a game, select your manuel profile ( 10 by 10 ), apply these settings, confirm the warning message and your fans will rise up. Start the game and have fun 😉👍 If you ended your session in gaming, just go into Armoury Crate again, set the power switch back to performance mode and the fan noise will reduce and you can work normaly with silent fans.


Hopefully I could help you. For further questions, feel free to ask me again and I try to help you out.

Performace ModePerformace Mode


10°C to 10% manuel profile CPU10°C to 10% manuel profile CPU


10°C to 10% manuel profile GPU10°C to 10% manuel profile GPU


10°C to 10% manuel profile SYS10°C to 10% manuel profile SYS


Hi, @Yokehoo 


Thanks for your replay this realy helped me and I start to understand more abut the laptop I asked asus support team before but they was for no help they just told me to reset the windows but still didn't fix nothing I follow wath you told me and now is a lot better the issue for taskmanager is still here but for me is a little bit bad because I'm not opening nothing and I still lose between 26% to 31% ram memory and some time is slow down the game but as you say we cand do nothing abut this suppose to be from ASUS system they need to optimize more better their own system.


Thanks you again for your help this helped me a lot and if I will have more questions in future I will tell you.

Dear @Tao1 

the software isn't that bad on laptops. On some desktop models the users have much more problems. 😉 For me, the whole thing works fine ( but I did a RAM upgrade right after buying ) so I can't tell you about any RAM limitations...

The combination of Win11, the build in hardware of our laptop and the whole software pack from ASUS will bring up the system using a minimum of 20% RAM. I agree with you when you say that's a lot. Even more critical when you're using the lower model with 16GB...  

If you're sure you run into RAM limits, you can either clean up your autostart configuration ( which I don't recommend if you're not realy sure what you're doing or what kind of stuff you eventually need after starting your system ) or you can try a little trick to kill most of the unessecary tasks and background activitys. For this, just open "notepad" and then click on reboot or shut down your system. Now Windows will tell you, that a programm is still running that blocks Windows from shutting down or rebooting and you where asked to make a decision. First option: kill the process and force shut down / reboot ( that is the option we won't do ! ) or second option: abort the sequence and go back to the desktop to save your work 😉 If we're clicking "go back to the desktop", most of the background processes where stopped and some tasks where shut down. This results in some more free RAM you can use now 😉👍 I don't recommend to work this way all the time, cause there must be a reason why all the processes and tasks are running in the background, but it's a good, simple and fast way to test and figure out if you're realy running into a RAM bottleneck with your system or if it's just a feeling or just numbers 😉

You can simply test it to see if there's a big change or a hugh difference with some more free RAM. But I'm pretty sure this will only have a low effect in some benchmark tests like Cinebench or 3DMark or will bring up some little more fps in games 😁Depending on your configuration this system should be powerful enough to run all your workload poperly 👍

Just one more stupid thought which came into my mind while I'm answering this here... Within this laptop they came 2 different power units. A smaller 100W(?) mobile power unit which uses USB-C for mobile workload and the big 300W power unit which has the "normal" round power connector... I think you're using the big ones to get full power of your system ?! I just want to get sure that this is not the limitation we're talking about here. As I have never tested before, I can't tell you if it's overall possible to run your system in turbo or manuel mode while using only the small power unit. It's just a stupid thought that came up 😂

Hopefully we'll fixed now most of your questions to this system, otherwise feel free to ask me again and I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can.