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Asus ROG Strix Scar 18 G834JY Micro stutters and freezes

Level 9

In general, let's start from the very beginning. I recently bought this laptop for myself and began to notice problems in many games with microfreezes and instability. I myself have already contacted the sales store and Asus employees, this is what I can say. I'm still thinking whether to take my laptop in for service or not.

Let me note right away that I used both Turbo\Max and Turbo\Standard modes.

Honestly, I'm paranoid about technology and maybe that's my insanity.

I tried all the methods and options for solving problems and I will list all the options here separately and the sources (maybe this will help you)


1. Banal reinstallation or restoration of Windows 11 :

Everything was simple here, I went to system > recovery > Restore the computer to its original state. After that, I reinstalled the video card drivers, but before that I removed the old ones using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller). Then a full update to Win 11 and Armory Crate.

In the video driver settings I changed two parameters:

Power Management Mode – Max. Performance

Low Latency Mode - Enabled

Did it help?  - it didn’t help (who would doubt it)


2. Removing AutoConnectHelper as the original source of problems

I found this post on Reddit and following this inst...


3. Restore the system in BIOS.

When I was looking for different options, I started studying the BIOS and found a recovery option there. I note that this is long, but I was forced to decide on this, since I was a fool and decided to try Win 10 and it was a terrible option. Then everything is the same as in the first point, but without reinstalling the video card drivers


4. Let's play with nvidia settings

I don’t remember where exactly, but I found this solution:

Power Management Mode - Max. Performance
Low Latency Mode - On
Preferred Refresh Rate - Highest Available
Stream Optimization - Off

G-Sync - OFF


5. Option from a girl from ASUS Ukraine technical support (She needs to be quieter and flip through the manual with answers faster))))

She advised installing a video driver from the official Asus website

ROG Strix SCAR 18 (2023) | Gaming Laptops|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global (


And now to illustrative examples of friezes:

Sorry that everything is in Russian, I’m from Ukraine, but for some reason Armory chooses Russian rather than English


Ultra DLSS

Min. graphics settings with DLSS Ultra performance


STAR WARS Jedi Survivor™

ultra, no DLSS, Frame Generation

Minimum graphics settings DLSS Ultra performance and Frame Generation


There are games that work almost perfectly. Cyberpunk 2077, Alan Wake 2, Control, Hitman 3, ELDEN RING (although there are criticisms here)


Cyberpunk 2077

Ultra+ DLSS Quality




Now the question is, is there a problem or did I needlessly torture people and support?))))








Accepted Solutions

Level 9

In general... THANK GOD, I solved my problem... for starters... it’s worth noting right away... I went through a bunch of things in the BIOS and since this may not be without harm:


In general, first let's go to the BIOS 

Now (I don’t know if this had an impact or not, but maybe it did)

EPR - Off
Display Mode - dGPU Only
Active Performance Cores - All
Active effective cores (Efficient-cores) - 0
VMD - On

Everything seems to be here. One way or another, you can always return everything back (well, I’m just a lawyer who does not have any qualifications in engineering or computer science)

But yes, the CPU temperature has become higher and is jumping above 95, which is VERY BAD (the limit is 100) and ThrottleStop can help here (BUT USE IT COMPETENTLY)

So, now we are doing this... restoring the ASUS system through BIOS... yes, yes... but... Perhaps this will help. You will have to wait a long time, so I advise you to download some series or anime. (Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete (anime) great family... oh, adult comedy about a pervert in the style of Sailor Moon)

Now you need to download DDU and NVCleanstall, I also advise you to download the NVIDIA driver in advance. (Usually this should be done before reinstalling or restoring, but I'm special =3)

It seems that everything is here.. but there is a moment... I then installed Win 10 and did not use my Microsoft account (I will try with Win 11) and used old Nvidia 537.58 drivers

Also in the nvidia settings column set max. performance and don't forget to enable thread optimization.

I really tried everything... LITERALLY EVERYTHING!!! But this list helped me... I don’t know how much, but I checked it in Returnal, which indeed works for many people with constant freezes and lags.

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Level 9

I forgot to mention something. Armor, download the simplified version, the one that weighs 3 MB.

Hogwarts legacy(Ultra RTX, DLAA ) works without stutters and brakes in hogsmeade/

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Level 12

If i haved this problem i will try to lower the GPU Watt power ,undervolt the gpu and lower little bit the GPU frequency becouse i think the problem is that your gpu use 165 watt i think and your cpu use only 55-60watt of power 

I thing this laptop have total TDP 230 watts so your cpu has going out of power becouse i9 i power hungry CPU 

You can try even to undervolt the CPU that will lower the watt usage of the system 

Без имени.png

I tried it and got 0 reactions. By the way, I launched LatencyMon and now... I think I’ll definitely hand it over to the service...

Level 12

For example some games need hight CPU frequency and hight CPU power and if your CPU dont have the power you get this stutters i think 

My CPU have 14 cores and is i7-13650HX whit some undervolt and overclock i get i some game 70 watt power usage 


 also your CPU much stronger and better and in your game also use 65-70 watts of usage 

Your cpu need more power try ti limit the GPU to provide more lower for the CPU

I tried it and the result was zero.
Friezes remain as they were

Are you using ThottleStop or just Armory Crate?

Armory Crate. The only software that I use, having downloaded it from the Internet on the official website, is - LatencyMon.

I have the same problem, in particular in Elden Ring, which prevents me from diving into the gameplay ( my thread ), I also have an i7 13650HX, could you be more specific about how you configured your processor, I've never configured a processor before.

Level 12

And have you tried lowering the voltage, even in the BIOS?

No, because I'm afraid to carry out such manipulations. Moreover, today I will return my ROG Strix Scar 18 under warranty and let them suffer after the holidays.