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Asus ROG Strix SCAR 17 with Graphic 3070 at 200W? Photos!

Level 7
Hello, how are you?

I send a screenshot of my Aus Rog Strig 5900HX / 3070 / 32GB RAM. To see what you think ... It seems that the graph reaches 221w, could that be?

I hope you can tell me if the rest of things are more or less ok, I played in turbo mode!

A greeting



Level 10
Hi there,
The 221W is maxium, you may focus on the "current" .
Is there anything wrong when you are playing?
or just worry about the estimation?
Thank you.

LOL, the current is the actual, and the Maximum has been the current/actual. So, yes, why 221W dips with a 130W MAX GPU?? That was the worry !!!
My 3070 115+15W dips up to 175W gaming (Warzone), it also goes downwards, say 75W, just dips here and there.
Sometimes I get a "perfect" gpu power wattage graph in MSI Afterburner, won't dip much at all.

EDIT // Also, I've noticed many times that just after a NVIDIA driver install I get those perfect wattage graphs. Day/reboot after and they're gone, very fluctuating wattage.