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Asus Rog Strix Scar 17 CPU/GPU temps

Level 9


Is this normal for a brand new Scar 17 laptop? It arrived two days ago, I played Call Of Duty on it and I think it’s a little bit hot for a new laptop and it also stutters while playing..


RTX 4090, AMD Ryzen 9 7954hx, 1tb, 32gb ram


Level 12

Yeah, I read that post before, I’ve actually read so much posts about this issue, but what I’m concerned about is why the hell a laptop with this specs and power behaves worse than old generations lol

You have maybe the most powerful CPU for laptop this cpu i thing is better than i9-13980hx and power=heat so this temperature is not a big problem even Intel and AMD manufacturer says the normal operation temperature under stress can go even to 100C and intel guarantee that if the temperature dont go above 100 degrees everything is fine and that cant damage your processor so dont worry your cpu have thermal protection and there is not a problem to work at this temperature 


The thing that you can do is to buy cooling pad and start use a Manuel mode dont play at turbo or performance mode and this will improve your temperature a lot and dot forget this is laptop most hard thing is to stay cooled

I ordder new cooling pad yesterday fo 25$ buy something like this and whit custom mode you will be better


That’s fair, thanks for your answer mate. You know how it works, I mean I paid a huge amount of money for this laptop and I just didn’t want to have a bad one since it costs a lot haha but I think you’re right though. Kudos 🙂

Level 8


A few days ago, I also made a query about the same thing xd... one would think that these devices do everything perfectly in EVERY WAY, even playing games without feeling the heat... but, as several users told me, when you acquire these notebook models, you've already chosen power over silence... it's like buying a sports car... you can't expect its engine not to roar a bit when you push it to the speed you bought it for. The difference with other cars is that yours is made for this, to endure these workloads.

You can see what they replied to me in the link they sent you and other videos... if you still don't feel confident that your "engines" reach these temperatures, then you can try manually configuring the ARMOURY CRATE and having a good cooling base (whose fan blades ideally match the air intake of your notebook). You'll notice that what this notebook has the most are air vents and internal fans to release the heat... other models from different brands, with similar CPUs and GPUs, don't have this... Imagine the heat that users of other models with less ventilation ☹.... still, if the game is very demanding, I suppose it's more or less normal to reach temperatures we're not used to... because we've ingrained the idea that 90°C can melt your PC... and maybe it's not quite like that anymore.

Regarding the stuttering, I must say I also had that problem... in my case, everything ran at fixed FPS, but I could "see" or "feel" frame drops every 5 or 7 seconds that ruined the experience for me. This became unbearable, especially because I was playing Bioshock... all I did was update everything... if you mention that your equipment is new, that might be what's missing... update from what's available in Windows Update and, especially, the latest Nvidia drivers that you can get in the GeForce Experience app or manually... In my case, the Bioshock stuttering issue and other games disappeared after that, so I assumed updating everything worked this time👍.

i am happy for you that the most things you try they work and problems disappear

you can watch this video not everything in details but whit some skipping

Asus rog strix have some of the best cooling system and is premium class laptop but is normal like in every other brands no matter is that phone computers cars and everything else to have software bugs or need some abjusting after buying  for best performance and better user experience and no matter what i buy almost for everything i must do some abjusting

if you need some help in future write again and we will help whit what we can


To be honest? That’s absolutely right.

I think I was too excited and I thought everything will be beyond my expectations, but yeah the laptop is a hella beast and I guess these laptops are made for this heat haha. About the stutter, I actually uninstalled Armoury Crate and using GHelper now, it fixed my stuttering issue and reduced the temps a lil bit so it’s fine now.

While your laptop is indeed a beast and would run high temps I think there are way to mitigate them. Performance wise your Ryzen 9 and the i9 13980 HX are x comparable:

I had the same issue while nto havign the allmighty RTX 4090 but the more modest RTX 4070 I had similar issues and here's how I solved them for over 3 weeks now without any issues. I have a brand new Asus ROG Strix G18 with an i9 13980 HX and a GTX 4070 GPU & 32 gb of Gddr6 RAM. Running on performance or on manula my laptop woudl run super hot especially the cpu with temp close to 100 degrees  which is not good on the long haul. After experiemntign with different scenarios I found the recipe that works for me. In the Nvidia control panel  I default the Global settings to quality and the power management in the 3D settings is set to maximum performance. Then in the Armoury Crate I use the Ultimate performance mode fopr my Gpu and I press the key to set it to performance and turbo when playing intensive games. I also tweaked the fan speed settings which are set way too low by default. Now when I paly games , no matter how intensive or  no matter how long I play, I rarely get temps higher than 88 degres for my cpu and rarely over 77 for the gpu. No stuttering, no more freezes, no need to undervolt, no throttling  but steady performance and no overheating.


Contrary to what eXplode said teh i9 13980  HX

Thanks for your answer mate.

 I completely uninstalled Armoury Crate because it was stuttering and I also wanted to test a different app. AC was stuttering and lagging when I open the app and when I minimize or maximize its window, I didn’t have anything installed because it was a fresh new Windows.

So, I installed a different app that basically does everything AC offers (I don’t think I can mention its name since we’re on ASUS forum), it’s a lightweight app and it’s really good, and I also uninstalled AMD Software but kept the drivers only, I use Turbo mode when I’m gaming and my temps reach like that: CPU ranges between 70-80C and GPU between 60-70C, it’s good to mention that I play COD MW2 and I use FULL graphics (Extreme mode) which is the highest.